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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I get a business degree?
A business degree allows a graduate to qualify for more than the usual functions in management and marketing.  There is an ever increasing need for business majors in government, international commerce, and non-profit organizations.  A business degree gives you the tools you need to enter a new field or to work your way up the ladder in your current organization. WorldWideLearn's website gives more information on this subject.
Why do I need to see an advisor?

Studies have shown that students who develop a good relationship with their advisors are more likely to persist and graduate. An advisor helps to promote student growth and development, and assists students in assessing their interests and abilities, examining their educational goals, and developing short-term and long-range plans to meet their objectives. Advisors provide information on general education and major requirements, clarify policies and procedures, discuss educational and career options, monitor academic progress, and direct students to other resources when necessary.

New students should meet with advisors to learn about university and departmental requirements, discuss their educational plans, and select courses.

After earning 60 credits, every student is strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor to adopt a program of study. During this session, advisors and students should:

  • Evaluate the student's suitability to major in the chosen discipline
  • Review the requirements for the degree, any special options, and possible electives
  • Complete a degree plan
  • Complete a course substitution plan if classes have been taken at another school
  • Identify any deficiencies in the student's record and ways to correct them
  • Discuss career and graduate school option

Students wishing to change their major will need to meet with an advisor in order to see which of the classes they have already taken can be applied to their new major and to make a new degree plan to follow to fulfill the graduation requirements of the new major.

What do I need to do to see an advisor?

A College of Business Administration advisor is located in Office 185 in the College of Business Administration building. The Advising Center located on the lower level of the Barry B. Thompson Student Center also has a representative for the College of Business Administration along with other professional advisors to help with any questions you may have to file a Degree Plan, to consult on classes, and any other questions related to academic advising. The Advising Center is open from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. No appointment is necessary.

Does the College of Business have any Study Abroad opportunities?
Yes. Tarleton has an active study abroad program. Normally there is one for-credit business study trip over Spring Break and another during Summer School. On occasion there have been trips between the Fall and Spring semesters as well as an additional trip during Summer School. Get more information at Tarleton's Study Abroad website.
Will my undergraduate program of study in the College of Business prepare me for graduate study?

Absolutely.  All undergraduate programs in the College of Business are designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the marketplace as well as to prepare those same students for graduate study.

How do I get a catalog and schedule of classes?

University catalogs can be accessed through the internet.  Simply go to and select the catalog for the appropriate year. Hard copies of the catalogs are also available on campus at several locations in including your department’s administration offices.

Class schedules are also available online (Class Schedule).  You will need to select the term in which you are registering and then click on the subject.  You can refine your search by making selections from the other items on the page such as looking for classes only on the Tarleton campus, or from a certain instructor.

What does it mean if a class is "closed" and how can I get into a closed class?

Each class has a limit of the number of students to be assigned. When that level is reached, the class is closed so that the limit is not exceeded. The best way to make sure you get into a class that you need is to register as soon as registration is open to you.  Should a class be closed on the registration system, keep checking since the on-line schedule of classes is continually updated as students drop and add courses. In the event you do not get into the class in this way, you may visit the Management Academic Advisor located in Office 185 in the College of Business Administration or call at 254-968-9866.

What is a business elective?
Most of the majors in the College of Business allow you to take at least one business elective. An upper-level business elective is any 300-400 level business course not already required in your major. Remember, prerequisites must be followed.
How do I drop a class?
If you decide you need to drop a class, the first step is to talk to your advisor and see if there is another answer or if you really need to drop.  If you do need to drop, vist the Regristrar Drop Info webpage where you can find more information on how to drop.