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Bachelor of Science Prior to Fall 2008

Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies

The Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies is designed for students who have numerous credit hours but have not met the requirements for a major in an academic area. Military personnel and their dependents often fall under this category. Not all academic departments offer this degree. Among those that do, some specify courses they expect a student to complete. Students who transfer credit hours to Tarleton from other institutions are encouraged to discuss their previous course work with their academic advisor to determine if the courses meet Tarleton’s requirements.

Lower-Level (65 hours)
Semester Hours Courses
47 Hours Core Courses
18 Hours Lower-level electives (courses not specified)

Upper-Level (63 hours)
Semester Hours Courses
18 hours* Area of emphasis (departments may determine courses)
9 hours* Support field
  • must be in area other than emphasis
  • must be determined in consultation with advisor
33 hours Advanced electives (upper-level approved electives or emphasis)
3 hours CIS (lower or upper-level)

*These courses constitute the major. Students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 in major in order to graduate.

Total = 128 Hours

Area of Emphasis