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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get my degree online?
At the present time, our Undergraduate degrees are not available online.  We do offer some online courses from each program and all COBA core courses from our Department are available online.
What can I do with a degree in Accounting?

Today's accountants prepare, analyze and interpret financial information. They are key people in companies' decision-making processes. According to the US Department of Labor, Accounting will be the fastest growing job market through 2016. Excellent career opportunities exist in public accounting, industry, financial institutions and the government at the federal, state and local levels. Job Opportunities include: Auditing/Assurance Services, Tax, Environmental Accounting, Forensic/Investigative Accounting, Information Technology Services, International Accounting, Personal Financial Planning, Financial Management, Financial Reporting, Cost Accounting, Tax Planning, Budget Analysis, Research, Teaching, Consulting, Money Handling, Record Keeping.

Accounting is a versatile degree.  Students who graduate with a major in accounting may find jobs in many areas of business including: sales, production management, client management, product development, procurement, general management, banking and financial planning.

What can I do with a degree in Economics?
The flexibility of Tarleton's Economics degrees allow you to choose from a wide variety of minors or second teaching fields and "custom fit" your degree to your career goals.  Recent economics graduates have pursued careers in public school teaching, banking, manufacturing, retailing, software design and financial consulting. Economics majors are also hired by Government departments involved in agriculture, business, finance, labor, transportation, urban economics, and international trade. Job Opportunities include: Cost Analysis, Intelligence, Foreign Trade Analysis, Public Administration, Transportation Management, Urban Planning, Research Analysis, Consulting, Credit Lending, Banking Operations and Systems, Securities, Insurance Underwriting, Sales, Operations and Claims, Hospital Management, Healthcare Analysis, Management, Buying and Purchasing, Human Resources, Hospitality, Sales, and Teaching. Tarleton's Economics Degree is flexible enough that motivated students pursue a double major with Economics as one of the majors.
What can I do with a degree in Finance?
Careers in finance offer the potential for long-term growth in earnings. In today's job market the finance graduate can expect some of the top salary offers among business graduates. Typical entry level corporate finance positions include financial analyst, cash management, credit analyst, and capital budgeting management. Positions in the financial services and investments areas include bank management, loan/trust officer, financial planner, stockbroker, stock analyst and trader, and investment banker. The finance graduate is also well equipped to enter into many areas associated with the insurance and real estate industries, as well as government and other not-for-profit areas where finance is in demand. The finance degree from Tarleton provides an excellent route to further study at the graduate level or law school.