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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I get a degree in ACS with teacher certification, what else can I do besides teach?

All of the other jobs that would be open to most agriculture majors are also open to the graduate with teacher certification.  Graduates with teacher certification often find careers in agricultural business and industry.  Teacher certification does not limit your options.  Teacher certification broadens your job options by adding teaching to your job options.

What if I get teacher certification but do not to teach - right now?

Often graduates with teacher certification go into other areas of work after graduation and they come back into teaching because of downturns in the economy or a desire to have better working conditions.

What kinds of careers are available for someone in agricultural communication?

Some of the graduates go into the agricultural communications areas of agricultural publications and radio but a much large portion go into marketing, sales and promotion for agricultural companies. They use the communication skills to develop advertising write articles, do photography, shoot and edit video and develop web pages for the promotion and marketing of products and services for companies and agricultural organizations.

How are student teaching placement decisions made?

Students make selections, interview with faculty and faculty make the decision with the consultation of the student. Every effort is made to place students in a program that will strengthen the total skill area of the student.

Do I have to be an agricultural communication student to join the Tarleton Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow?
No, you can be any major at the university that has an interest in agricultural communication. Some members are from other areas of agriculture and some are from Communication Studies.
What are the post graduation placement rates for ACS graduates?

All graduates with teacher certification that want employment as a teacher find such employment. Other programs have had over 80 percent employment into the area of the degree or a closely related area.

Do I have to be in the teacher certification program in agriculture to be a member of the Collegiate FFA?

All majors from across the university can be a member of the Collegiate FFA and the membership in the past has had students from a large number of areas inside and outside agriculture.