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Multicultural Connections Program

What is it?

Multicultural Connections is program run through the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for faculty, staff and students.

Multicultural Connections is designed to foster awareness and appreciation of diversity, engage with issues of respect, fairness and kindness, and to help build connections and communication within the Tarleton community through participation in educational and awareness building activities.

Participants receive a Multicultural Connections Certification upon completion of program requirements. 

How do I get certified?

To earn their Multicultural Connections certificate, participants engage in an active and self reflective educational journey. 

Through participation in the program, individuals will become more familiar with different aspects of identity, will develop their communication skills, and will gain a greater understanding of themselves and their role in society.

 For more details see the completion requirements under Resources.



Program Requirements

Ally Program

Don't see a date that works for you? Please request a session or contact us - we will add training sessions specific to groups as small as four and strive to work around your schedules