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Digital Diversity

Woman holding phone with social media apps visible


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion shares their message using various forms of social media. Explore these resources below to learn more about multiculturalism, our events focusing on diversity, and our student programs.


Check out the Diversity and Inclusion blog. We discuss hot topic in diversity, share about events we've held, and discuss our student programs.


After each event we hold we share our success through pictures. Want to see what we're all about or look for yourself if you attended an event?


Our MENtal Freedom program has given us insight into diversity. Check out what these young men have to say and explore the concept of diversity.


Participate in our digital diversity campaigns.

A digital diversity campaign involves various social media sites as we explore value in multiculturalism. We use digital diversity campaigns for exploring, informing, and participating in topics, prompts, issues, or activities related to diversity. Stay updated on diversity by exploring our various social media sites as well as attending our upcoming events.

Wondering what events we have coming up? Check out our social media sites because we advertise on them regularly.

Miss an event and want to learn more about it? Explore our blog or photostream for more information.

Attended an event and want to share your experience? Express yourself on social media and tag us in your response.

Explore - Inform - Share


There are many opportunities for us to share about our experiences on diversity and with our office. Stay updated on what upcoming events Diversity and Inclusion are hosting by following us on twitter and facebook, but also share your excitement and experiences about an event using social media and tagging us. We would love to hear from you.

#TarletonDiversity @DiversityTSU