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Register with Student Disability Services

An infographic showing the number of disabilities by campus and top five disabilities on campus (Fall 2013 - Summer 2018)

Registration with Disability Services is a separate process from applying for admission to TSU. Interested students should contact Disability Services by phone at 254-968-9400 or email In order to qualify and receive accommodations, it is necessary for students with disabilities to self-identify with our office to determine eligibility for services based on their documentation and the intake interview.

Before starting the Initial Contact Form, make sure that you know your TSU ID number, Tarleton email (eg., what semester you would like your accommodations to start (e.g. Fall 2015), a description of your disability, and any documentation that you would like to attach for us to review. Once you have collected the needed information please follow the steps below.

  • Complete an Initial Contact Form
  • Submit any evidence you would like for us to review in support of your request.
  • Meet with a professional staff member to discuss accommodations, services, and referrals.

Requests are considered individually, and are evaluated by the Student Disability Services Advisory Committee; a two week review period is typical. Once the review is complete, students are notified of the results and a certificate of accommodation is created for the students to deliver to their instructors.

More comprehensive information is available within the Rules and Practices regarding services to students with disabilities at Tarleton.