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Texan Rider Mark - University Branding


In order to maintain a clear distinction between Tarleton academic and athletic offerings, the Spirit Mark may not be used as a primary identifier for colleges, schools, departments, programs, centers or institutes in an academic context. Examples would include academic brochures and academic websites.

While part of the Tarleton Graphic Identity System, the spirit mark is separate and distinct from the more formal Tarleton primary institutional logo system. The primary Tarleton logo should be used in all academic and business applications. The spirit mark may be used in a myriad of ways as the emblem for strong, emotive support given to Tarleton by students, alumni and all those associated with Tarleton.

The spirit mark may be used:

  • in informal contexts, such as: athletics, alumni materials, school spirit activities, recruiting events and on apparel and promotional items;
  • as a graphic within academic departments to promote spirit and social events, as well as in recruitment and on various promotional materials.

The spirit mark may not be used:

  • for official Tarleton communications, such as: official notification letters of admission, letters for hire, contracts and grant proposals;
  • as a lockup with a university department, program or center;
  • for formal business purposes.

Primary Colors

Texan Rider primary colors, of white, PMS 268 C Purple, PMS 422 C Gray

Color is one of the most important elements of the Tarleton State University Texan Rider mark. The official primary colors for the mark are Pantone 268 Purple, Pantone 422 Gray and White. 

Primary Logos

All of the Tarleton spirit marks may be used in full color (Tarleton purple, Tarleton grey and white), two color (Tarleton purple and white) and one color (black and white). The full color mark is the most versatile of all the marks and can be used on a dark or white background. The two color and one color marks are designed to work on dark backgrounds only.

4 color Texan Rider with wording 2 color Texan Rider with wording 1 color Texan Rider with wording

Secondary Logos

4 color Wordmark 2 color Word mark 1 color Word mark

4 color Texan Rider 2 color Texan Rider 1 color Texan Rider

Safe Zones

Each of the Texan Rider marks has an established safe zone. This safe zone is intended to maintain the logo’s integrity and to avoid visual confusion. No other type of graphic element (including folds, trims or edges) should fall within the safe zone. The safe zone for all of these marks is equal to one eighth of the height of the logo. This safe zone spacing is uniform on all sides of the logo.

Texan Rider with wording safe zone Texan Rider safe zone

Wording safe zone

The formula

1/8 x height = Clearspace Width or Height / 8 = Clearspace Width

Basic guidelines when using the Tarleton Texan Rider Spirit Mark

The Texan Rider may not be altered or changed in any way. This includes:
• The mark may not be incorporated into or combined with any other mark, symbol or graphic to create a new mark.
• The mark may not be used as a graphic, screened in the background, cropped, blurred or distorted in any way.
• The mark must adhere to the safe zones, meaning no other items may touch or be superimposed on the spirit mark.

The Texan Rider mark may not be used to represent academic departments or in conjunction with university departmental names.


For additional information regarding the use of the Tarleton State University Texan Rider marks and for approval of their use, please contact:

Alyson Chapman
Director of Editorial and Creative Services
Phone: (254) 968-9404 |

Harry Battson
Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Phone: (254) 968-1620 |