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Office of Development at Tarleton State University

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The Recreational Sports Center cost around $15 million to construct.

Endowed Gifts

Providing a fundamental, ongoing gift that will touch the lives of students every year.

Endowments are the financial foundation of a university. Rather than used for immediate needs, endowed funds are invested. The earnings on these investments provide a stable, ongoing source of funds for scholarships, professorships, operations, and other areas of campus life where there is a need. The goal is to use enough earnings to accomplish the purpose for which the endowment was created, while retaining a portion to allow for growth.

By creating an endowment at Tarleton, you provide a fundamental, ongoing gift that will touch the lives of students every year.

Because endowments generate support forever, they are especially valuable and appropriate for donors who wish to leave a legacy at Tarleton. Whatever your interest, there is most likely an area on campus that can benefit through an endowment.

Through the gift of an endowment, you become a partner in Tarleton's mission to respond to our growing and changing society. You can make a lasting difference in the lives of countless students. We sincerely appreciate your consideration of these opportunities.

Types of Endowments


Scholarships enable deserving students to earn their degrees. Without the help of endowed scholarships, many students would be unable to pursue their dream of college education. The minimum funding requirement for an endowed scholarship of $10,000.

Operations and Programs

Endowments for operations and programs enhance the University's ability to provide top quality, state-of-the-art educational opportunities for students. These endowments may be established to benefit any operational or educational area on campus.

To enhance a program to a level of excellence that cannot be achieved through its normal budget require an endowment with minimum funding in the amount of $1,000,000.

Academic Department

The endowing of an academic department at Tarleton provide the resources necessary for the department to excel. It does so by supplementing the departmental budget. Funding at the $3,000,000 minimum level will not only elevate departmental operations, but also entitle you to a naming opportunity.


Fellowships, lectureships, professorships, chairs, distinguished chairs, and visiting chairs propel Tarleton's educational mission to greater heights or achievement. Each of these endowments enables the University to recruit and retain faculty members who excel in their areas of specialty and positively impact the students they teach. Specifically, these endowments provide funds to defray or supplement a designated professor's salary, as well as their research and travel expenses. In addition, a lectureship may be used to establish a guest lecture or speaker series. Minimum funding levels are:

  • Fellowships: $50,000
  • Lectureship: $250,000
  • Professorships: $500,000
  • Chair: $1,000,000
  • Distinguished or Visiting Chair: $2,000,000

School or College

Each of Tarleton's five academic colleges changes the lives of students. An endowment helps the benefited college by providing the operational funds necessary to ensure the best possible educational experience. The funding minimum to endow any of these academic units is $5,000,000 and includes a naming opportunity.

Facilities and Equipment

As facilities and equipment age, they need repairs and replacement. A facilities and equipment endowment can help meet or offset cost associated with such repairs or replacement. These endowments help keep the University's physical plant in good shape and running smoothly. The minimum funding level for this endowment is 20% of the cost of the facility or equipment.

If you would like to establish an endowment at Tarleton and help transform lives, please contact Sabra Guerra at (254) 968-9770 or email at

We sincerely appreciate your consideration of these opportunities.