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Student Web FTP Account Request

Need to Know - Student Web FTP Accounts:


Please pay special attention to the Password Guidelines on the form.

If you do not provide a password that conforms to the guidelines, it could cause a delay in creating your account.


Check your email account for notification from us about your FTP account.

Follow the instructions we give you in our response to your Helpdesk Ticket Request. If you completed it incorrectly, you do not have an FTP account, yet, and you need to log back into the Helpdesk Ticket System, look at that ticket, and make the changes we have requested. Otherwise, please use the information below about your new FTP account, as well as the information we provide in the Web Tutorials for students.


Know the Web Guidelines

Before beginning work on your web site, you must review the Tarleton State University Web Guidelines for using your student FTP account.


Web Addresses

Once you have successfully published your files, student web addresses will be:

Example: Jane Doe's NTNET network login is st_jdoe03. Her email is Her web address will be created as