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Web Account Requests

Please be sure to read the Web Site Terms of Service before creating an account.

Creating New Web Sites

Resetting/Retrieving Your Web Account Password

  • Cascade Server: If you use Cascade Server to update your site, your username and password are your NTNET (network) credentials.  You must visit T-Synch to reset your NTNET password.
  • Student Web Accounts: Login to the Web Account Creator and choose "Forgot Web Account Password."  If you do not remember your password from your hint, or it does not provide you a hint, create a Helpdesk ticket and choose "Web Services > Change Password."
  • Faculty FTP accounts: If you forgot your FTP web account password, please visit the Helpdesk site and pull up the closed ticket from your web account request to view the password.  If you do not have a previous web account request ticket, create a new ticket and choose Web Services. There will be a Change Password option.

Removing Existing Web Sites

  • Request to Delete Web Account
    If you are leaving the Tarleton family, closing the doors on your organization, or restructuring your academic department, you may need to remove an existing Tarleton website.