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FTP using Windows - Non-Cascade Accounts

This method is only for faculty or organizations who have not moved to the new Cascade Server System.  If you are a student, you must follow these alternate instructions.

If you are off campus (did not log into your computer using your NTNET account), then you need to VPN into the Tarleton system to proceed with the following instructions. You will log into with your NTNET account and download the client. Once the client tells you that you are connected to Tarleton, continue with the instructions below.

If you logged into a computer using your NTNET account, proceed to the instructions below.

  1. Go to My Computer.  ***If on Windows 7, look for the Start Iconicon on the bottom left and go to Computer.
  2. In the address bar, type:
  3. Choose File > Login As
  4. Enter your Webpage Username and Password.
  5. The window should now show your files in your account.
  6. Copy and paste or drag your file into this folder.
  7. The file is now there and all you have to do is make a link.