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University Homepage Guidelines

About the University homepage:

The content of the homepage of the Tarleton State University website,, is reviewed and maintained by the Digital Media Advisory Committee and Marketing & Communications. Content includes a slideshow, upcoming calendar events, spotlight, and audience tab links.  Content is generally intended for prospective students, as the main purpose of the university homepage is for recruitment and external marketing.

The slideshow section of the homepage features information and accomplishments of the university that is promotional of the institution  as a whole. At times the messages are individual; at others they are coordinated to represent a particular campaign of the university.

Content Request Procedures:

  • Slideshow
    Offices that wish to request or nominate an accomplishment or concept for the homepage slideshow section may contact Marketing & Communications. You may provide your own photo or have Marketing & Communications take photos for you. The photo must be at least 1000px wide and in landscape orientation. The photo should link to a web page that gives more information about that specific concept. All requests will go through an approval process in Marketing & Communications, which may advance to the Digital Media Advisory Committee should they not meet the following criteria:
  1. A university-sponsored event,
  2. The event is promotional of the university's mission and QEP,
  3. The event has prominence,
  4. The event has substantial impact.
  • News
    Requests for news stories should be directed to the Marketing & Communications department.
  • Spotlight
    Requests for Spotlight items must be directed to Marketing & Communications. A Spotlight item must:
  1. Be university-sponsored,
  2. Promote the university's mission and QEP,
  3. Include a hyperlink to more information,
  4. Impact a large audience, and
  5. Have a start date and an end date for being posted, not to exceed 2 weeks total posted time.

All requests are subject to evaluation by Marketing & Communications. 

  • Upcoming Events
    All approved university events can be posted to the University calendar. Web Services grants individuals access to the Calendar system so that they may post their own events. Please contact x1819 to gain access permission.

    If you have requested that the calendar event be placed on the Tarleton homepage "Upcoming Events" and the event meets the posted requirements, Marketing & Communications will post the entry to the University homepage.

    All requests are subject to evaluation by Marketing & Communications.  For more details, please visit the Homepage Event Posting Guidelines.
  • Audience tabs, top bar links, and side bar links
    All other content on the Home page, including audience tabs and content within, top bar links, and side bar links, have been placed after careful consideration and research by the Digital Media Advisory Committee. The Digital Media Advisory Committee evaluates the continued relevancy of the links on a monthly basis. If you feel that your web site link should be placed in these areas, you may submit a request to the Digital Media Advisory Committee via the chair or co-chair, but there is no guarantee that your content will be accepted for placement in these sections.