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Quick Facts
Location Stephenville, TX 76402
Built February 26, 1972
WiFi Yes
Therapeutic Modality AreaTaping StationTherapeutic Modality AreaTaping StationHydrotherapy AreaRehabilitation Area

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Overview / Features

Historical Overview

The Tarleton Kinesiology building was dedicated to W.J. Wisdom. W.J. Wisdom was athletic director at Tarleton from 1920-1943 and perhaps influenced more young people for good than any individual that has been associated with Tarleton. Wisdom Gymnasium was dedicated to Mr. Wisdom for his outstanding contributions to athletics at Tarleton State College from 1920-1943. The building was completed on February 26, 1972. In addition to classrooms and offices, the building also houses weight rooms, swimming pools, and racquetball courts.

Basketball Arena

Wisdom Gymnasium features an upper and lower level seating arrangement to accommodate 3,000 spectators. Powered retractable bleachers are used on both sides of the upper an lower seating levels to allow additional floor space when seating is not needed. Seating on the lower south side has chair backs, installed in 1999. A four-way viewing scoreboard, installed in 1987 and upgraded in 1996, is located above and in the center of the basketball court with four public address speakers mounted on top. Shot clocks are located on the north and south walls. Aside from its function as a home court for varsity basketball games, the court is marked for two intramural basketball courts and six badminton courts for class instruction. The facility is also used for commencement exercises and concerts.

Volleyball Gym

On the main floor is Tarleton's varsity volleyball gym - referred to as the "Upper Gym," "South Gym," or the "Volleyball Gym". The gym itself has never had an official name but that doesn't mean that its function is any less important than the "Main Gym," which is home to the Tarleton State basketball teams. The court is a hardwood floor. Seating for approximately 350 spectators is located on the north side floor level in retractable bleachers across from the team benches. An additional 330 spectators can be seated in a loft located above the north side seats. Because of their location directly across from the team benches, fans have an excellent vantage point to see the matches. In 1998, the floor was resurfaced and painted. Several court lines were taken out to emphasize the main (center) volleyball court, giving the volleyball gym a fresh look and making the court stand out as never before. The lower level retractable bleachers were installed in the summer of 1999 and the east side wall was dressed up with logos.

Tarleton Sports Medicine Center

Student-Athletes participating in Volleyball, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Golf, Tennis,  and Cheer receive sports medicine healthcare at this facility.  There are areas for treatment modalities, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, and taping and wound care.



  • Basketball Arena
  • Volleyball Gym
  • Two weight rooms
  • Full-sized Swimming Pool and Diving Pool
  • Three Racquetball Courts
  • Sports Medicine Center
  • Physical Education Laboratories

Wisdom Gymnasium houses many sporting events. These activities include men and women's basketball, women's volleyball, and intramural championships. The gym also is used for a concert hall by the Student Programming Association and oftentimes, it is used for commencement ceremonies and other university-wide activities.