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One Act Play

2014  Region II Conference 2A UIL One-Act Play Contest

Please note changes in the traditional contest date and contest site!

CONTEST DATE: Thursday, May 1, 2014
CONTEST LOCATION: Red Oak High School Performing Arts Center
122 State Highway 342, Red Oak, TX  75154
Deb Shaw, Director of Fine Arts
Midland ISD
615 W. Missouri Ave.  
Midland, TX  79701
(940) 368-1515 cell
(432) 685-9582 fax
David Zahrndt, Director of Fine Arts
Red Oak ISD
P. O. Box 9000
Red Oak, TX  75154
(972)-617-4783 fax
Jason Kruger
St. Andrews School
6115 Oliver Loving Trail
Austin, TX  78749
Karen Parrish
The Winston School
30 Highland Place
Dallas, TX  75081
Jim Rambo, retired
McLennan County College
4101 Grim Ave
Waco, TX  76710

Contest Information

Congratulations on winning the Area OAP contest.  Before doing anything else, call the REGION contest manager as soon as possible after the Area contest.  Leave a message with the director’s name, phone number, school, play title, and the other advancing school and play title from Area OAP so that preparations can be made for the Region contest. Call (940) 368-1515.  Leave a message.

Advancing plays must be certified online no later than midnight, April 24, 2014.

Be sure and check that all company information has been correctly verified.  After receiving the program template, please email a word document of the company information to

The Area contest managers were mailed three postage paid envelopes addressed to the Region judges and should forward the original source cuttings for the two advancing plays to the adjudicators immediately following the Area contest. If this did not occur at your Area level, please overnight copies of your script to the critic judges at the addresses above.
    Do not send a Xerox copy. The script will be returned.
    Make sure the scenes you are not using are “x-ed” out and that the remaining dialogue is highlighted in yellow as per UIL instructions.

Have the following paperwork ready to present to the Contest Manager at your rehearsal

    Entry Fee: The fee for each school participating in the Region contest is $400.00. Remit this fee by school check made payable to Red Oak ISD.  A school will not be allowed to compete until the entry fee is paid. If a school has difficulty getting a check in the short time between the Area and Region contests, a letter from an authorized school administrator stating that the entry fee is being processed will suffice. In that case, mail the check (made payable to Red Oak ISD) to the attention of David Zahrndt, Red Oak ISD, P.O. Box 9000, Red Oak, TX  75154.

    Proof of Royalty Payment, Publisher’s Permission to Cut, And State UIL Approval Letters: This includes documentation required for your performance such as permission for cutting long plays, play approval if the play is not on the approved list, letters of permission for additional scenery or any written clarifications from the State UIL office.  

    Script and Music Cue Log: Present a copy of the approved published original script, in addition to the one you have provided for the judge, marked to reflect the exact performance text being used. Prepare a music cue log sheet of incidental music, noted in the script showing the duration of each cue and the cumulative total.

Schools will rehearse in performance order. Performance order was determined by a random and witnessed draw with Area numbers and a letter A or B following. A refers to the play title in each Area that is first alphabetically, excluding articles. B is the play title in each district that is second alphabetically.  

    Schools should unload at least 30 minutes prior to rehearsal time. Each school will have 50 minutes uninterrupted, with the last 10 minutes of the hour reserved for strike and to load-in the next school.  Performance times are approximate. Plays will run back-to-back with no intermission.

Rehearse Thursday, May 1, 2014 Perform
7:00 am Area 1, Play A 2:00 pm
8:00 am Area 3, Play A 2:50 pm
9:00 am Area 1, Play B 3:40 pm
10:00 am Area 2, Play A 4:30 pm
11:00 am Area 3, Play B 5:20 pm
12:00 pm Area 2, Play B 6:10 pm

Director’s meeting at 1:15 pm in the designated Art Room.

The ROHS Performing Arts Center will be open for load-in and walk-thru on Wednesday night, April 30, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Companies can tour the contest space and unload equipment and set pieces.  Technicians will not use this time to set light cues.

Please try to arrive thirty minutes before the scheduled rehearsal time. Come to the loading door (look for the “UIL OAP” sign) behind the stage and notify the Contest Manager that your school has arrived.  Companies will be allowed to unload props/scenery before the rehearsal time begins, however, to remain on schedule schools must arrive early. Following the rehearsal, schools may leave props/scenery in the designated storage spaces. Companies may unload into the dressing rooms earlier than their rehearsal time.

The performance hall is located on the north side of the Red Oak High School campus.  When entering the main drive on the west side of the school off of State Highway 342, follow the one-way signs to loop in front of the school and then to the north side where you should look for the UIL signage.

The basic UIL one-act play unit set will be available at the site and will be stored off stage. There are two doors, one French door and two window units available. Schools may bring all the scenic/property elements that are needed, and approved, but not provided by the contest site.

Each school will have a dressing area/classroom assigned for their use during the contest in the fine arts wing. The dance studio can be used as a warm-up space.  Handicapped accessible restrooms/dressing rooms are located nearby.  Each school may unload into their dressing room space the day of the contest. Rooms are not equipped with make-up mirrors. Bring your own. There are small make-up rooms in the fine arts wing where each company can do a make-up check, only, before their show.   Please keep and leave the dressing rooms and restrooms clean and neat.

Here is the link to the directions on the Red Oak High School website:
From State Highway 342, turn east on Mighty Hawk Boulevard, which is the main entrance to the school.  Follow the one-way loop, but turn left in front of the school and proceed around the north side of the building to the stage entrance.  After unloading, buses and trucks can proceed to a designated parking area on the northwest corner of the school close to the theatre.

The Red Oak High School Auditorium has a proscenium stage with an apron. A drawing with lighting areas and stage dimensions will be emailed to you. The proscenium opening is 45’ wide. The apron is 15’ deep in front of the grand drape.  The stage is 28’ deep from the grand drape to the back traveler and 15’ to the mid-traveler. All curtains fly, travelers travel to the full stage openings, and legs hang stationary but may be clipped back for a wider opening at the director’s desire.  The stage manager’s station and curtain pulls are located stage left.

The lights are preset for twenty areas according to the light plot diagram, which will be emailed to the advancing plays. The light board is an ETC ION.  It may be possible that directors can fax lighting cue sheets to the contest host no later than Friday, April 25, to be pre-loaded into the light board. The cue sheets must list area, level, and speed of each cue. A sample template is located in the back of the OAP Handbook. Technicians may also program or adjust cues during the rehearsal time or run the board off sub-masters.  A red, green and blue general color stage wash will be available. There is a cyclorama available. Two follow spots are available in the balcony. The light booth is located in the back of house with access stairs house left. Headsets with access to both stage left and stage right will be available.

There is a single disc, standard TASCAM CD player available for use located in the light booth. There is also capability to run cues from an MP3 device.  Companies may, however, bring their own portable system to be used backstage.

Plaques will be presented to the two advancing plays and the alternate play. Individual medals will be given to best actor and actress, all-star cast, honorable mention, and outstanding tech crew.

The critique is a very important part of the OAP process. Please be courteous, attentive, and receptive toward the judges and other casts. The critiques will be given according to geography with the farthest school being first. The two advancing shows will be critiqued last.

Please bear in mind Red Oak, Texas does not have adequate accommodations for everyone.  It is, however, close to the Metroplex and situated between the mid-sized cities of DeSoto and Lancaster to the north and Waxahachie to the south.

Red Oak, Texas

Comfort Inn
404 North I-35E, Red Oak  75154
(855) 849-1513

Desoto, Texas (7 miles north of Red Oak on the west side of I-35E -- Lancaster is on the east side)

Hampton Inn & Suites
1311 E. Centre Park Blvd, DeSoto  75115
(855) 271-3622

Holiday Inn Express
1310 E. Wintergreen Road, DeSoto  75115
(877) 859-5095

TownePlace Suites
2700 Travis Street.  DeSoto  75115
(800) 259-1104

La Quinta Inn & Suites
641 North I-35E, DeSoto  75115
(972) 920-0100

Waxahachie, Texas (10 miles south of Red Oak on Hwy 77 and I-35E)

Sleep Inn & Suites                 
1701 US Highway 77 North
Waxahachie  75165        
(855) 849-1513

La Quinta Inn & Suites
311 Stadium Drive, Hwy 77 & Hwy 287
Waxahachie  75165
(972) 937-5525

Hampton Inn & Suites
2010 Civic Center Drive
Waxahachie  75165
(855) 271-3622

Comfort Suites
131 RVG Plaza
Waxahachie  75165    
(855) 849-1513

Super 8
400 I-35E
Waxahachie  75165
(972) 938-9088

Holiday Inn Express
984 West US Highway 287 Bypass
Waxahachie  75165
(877) 859-5095