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Welcome to TSUTSU

About us

TSUTSU is an acronym for Tarleton State University Transfer Students United.  This organization was established in 2011 by a group of Tarleton students looking to find a way to contribute to the fast growing amount of incoming transfer students to Tarleton State University from colleges around the globe.  TSUTSU strives to teach each and every transfer student about the values, traditions, resources, and people here at Tarleton State University.  Our goal is to reach every student joining the Tarleton family from another college, and help them to integrate into their new life with ease and understanding.  All members of TSUTSU are transfer students from across the globe, who have been in the shoes of those who are trying to find a new college.  This experience can be intimidating, frustrating, even scary.... but TSUTSU is here to help.  Please contact one of the local members to learn more about becoming a Transfer Student United and join this growing family so that we may help you love Tarleton as much as we have all grown to.  If you are a previous transfer student, from any year, do not hesitate to fill out an application and join TSUTSU as well, you can help us teach new incoming transfers all the things you wish you had known when you started here at Tarleton.




Upcoming Events

TSUTSU Member Picture Day

Thursday, October 20th at 5:45pm during our regular meeting hours,
We will be taking pictures to be posted on the TSUTSU Web Page

Homecoming Week 2011

October 24th - 29th

Halloween Carnival

Monday, October 31st 6:00-8:00pm
"Oscar P.'s Lucky Number Candy draw"

Bake Sale


Bingo Night