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History of the Plowboys

Tarleton Plowboys


Upon joining The Texas A&M University System in 1917, the Tarleton athletic teams became known as the “Junior Aggies.”

Plowboys in the 1920sIn 1924, Coach W.J. Wisdom became disenchanted with the name and held a contest to select a new mascot. The winner would receive $5 and Wisdom would be the sole judge. One day, Wisdom was walking across campus and contemplating the fact that Tarleton was primarily an agricultural school when the name “Plowboys” popped into his head. He immediately adopted the new mascot and kept the $5. The symbol of the Plowboys was a muscular young man in overalls pushing a hand plow.

In 1950, the mascot withstood a challenge when four additional names were suggested for a student vote. Plowboys won by a 2-1 margin. With the University’s changing image, however, another election was held in 1961 and students approved the name “Texans” and TexAnns.” The horse and rider became the new athletic mascot of the University.

In 1984, a group of interested students established a spirit organization on campus and re-adopted the name “Plowboys.” The Plowboys attend athletic events and other campus activities and are familiar to students because of their white shirts, hats, and purple chaps.