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Traditions and Legends

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Tarleton is Rich in Tradition

When you look around the Tarleton campus, you will note a distinct pride in our unique history.  We are a community that promotes its traditions and respects its legends.  Landmarks across our campus detail our past.  Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni all Bleed Purple.

This fledging website shows merely a sampling of what makes Tarleton unique and dear to our hearts.  As it grows, you will see in greater detail just what is Tarleton spirit.


  • Hunewell History: Learn about a legendary band director who raised the Tarleton Military Marching Band to become an important part of Tarleton's public relations projects in the 1920s. Other contributions include the Hunewell Bandstand and Hunewell Ranch.
  • Landmarks: Much of who we are is donated to us by our alumni and friends.  See our past, and learn the history behind our traditions.
  • Purple Book: Formerly the student handbook, the Purple Book now contains a biography on our founder John Tarleton, Tarleton Creed, Tarleton Color Song, On Ye Tarleton (Fight Song), The True Flame (Centennial Song), Presidents of Tarleton, The Spirit of Tarleton, Traditions and Legends, Landmarks, Activities and Events, Homecoming Traditions, Tarleton Architecture, and much more.
Student Organizations
  • : We have over 100 organizations divided into the following categories: Club Sports, Departmental, Greek Fraternities, Greek Sororities, Local Honorary Societies, Music, National Honor Societies, Professional, Religious, Service / Social, Special Interest, Spirit, and Student Affairs. Our Spirit Organizations include: 
  • Tarleton Collection (Historical Compilation): The Tarleton Collection, located on the Cross Timbers Historic Images Project website, includes a vast number of historical photos and narratives about Tarleton's past, including accounts on the presidents of Tarleton, stories about how our traditions started, and the history of how John Tarleton's dream became what it is today.

Tarleton Texans

Who are the Texans?