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Texas Physics Consortium


Texas Physics Consortium (TPC) is a group of Physics Departments that pool faculty expertise and institutional resources to provide access to quality upper-level undergraduate and graduate physics courses.  The TPC use of pooled resources provides their students with the wide range of upper level physics courses usually available at only large institutions while maintaining the intimate student-faculty interaction of a small department.  The TPC has submitted an application to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for all TPC institutions except Commerce to award a single Joint BS Physics Degree. If the proposal is approved, the TPC would become the third largest producer of B.S. Physics Graduates in Texas.

Faculty of the Texas Physics Consortium

Course Textbooks

Spring 2017

Modern Physics - Lione Hewett      

Modern Physics by Serway & Moses - 3rd

Cengage Learning

ISBN: 0534493394                                                   

Advanced Laboratory - Cathy Clewett

An Introduction to Error Analysis 2nd Ed. by John Taylor

University Science Books

ISBN: 093570275X

Nuclear Physics - Dr. Hisham Al-Bataineh (TAMUK)

Introduction to Nuclear & Particle Physics by
Das & Ferbel

World Science 

ISBN: 978-0471-80553-3


Math Methods for Physicists - Dr. Jimmy McCoy

Mathematical Methods of Physics 2nd Ed. by Mathews & Walker


ISBN: 0-8053-7002-1

Radiation Detection I - Mark Harvey

Radiation Detection and Measurements 4th Ed. by Glenn Knoll

John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 978-0470131480

Physics Research Seminar - David Craig

No textbook required

Fall 2017

Mechanics - Dr. Craig (WTAMU)

Classical Mechanics by John R Taylor

ISBN: 978-1891389221

University Science Books

Electromagnetism - Dr. Szczerbinska (TAMU-CC)

Introduction to Electrodynamics 4th Ed. by D. Griffith

ISBN: 0321856562

Pearson Education

Thermodynamics - Dr. Al-Bataineh (TAMUK)

An Introduction To Thermal Physics by D. Schroder

ISBN: 0-201-38027-7

Addison-Wesley Longman

Modern - Dr. Dunn (Miodwestern)

Modern Physics by Serway & Moses 3rd Ed.


Cengage Learning


Quantum - Dr. Sharma (Midwestern)

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 2nd Ed by D. Griffiths

ISBN: 0-13-111892-7

Pearson Prentice Hall 2005

Optics - Dr. Baird (WTAMU)


Res. Seminar - Dr. Vrinceanu(WTAMU)

No Textbook Required