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Summer Tryouts June 23 & 24

Tarleton State University
Texan Star Dance Team

Director Leticia Ryan-Carr
Box T-0370
Stephenville, TX 76402
(254) 968-9258 or E-mail:

*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

* Please have Application/Acceptance Letter/$25 Fee/Recommendation letter turned in Prior to tryouts or during Registration

Summer Tryouts June 23 & 24



Monday, June 23

5:00PM                          Register                                                 Wisdom Gym(lobby)          

                                        Stretch on your own                              Small Gym

5:30PM                          Introductions/Technique Combo/Fight Song

7:00PM                          Start 1st round tryouts                                       

7:30PM-8:15PM           Learn Team Dance (Jazz/Hip Hop and Pom)

8:30PM                          2nd Round tryouts-Have a 1-2 eight count technique combo choreographed (accent your abilities)

Tuesday, June 24

10:00AM                      Check-in                           Wisdom Gym


10:35AM                       Review  Team Dance/Fight Song/Technique Combo 

11:00AM                       3rd round of tryouts                   

1:00PM                         Dismiss(Team Will be posted on Website by 5:00PM)


Tryout Attire:                Black half – top/sports bra

                                        Black hot/boy shorts

                                        Dance shoes (any style)

                                        Hair- Nice and Neat(down and representable)

Tryout Requirements:    

Technical Jazz/hip Hop/Pom dance

Triple pirouette right/attempt left                                                                                             

Fouettes second/passé

Leap in second (Russian) right/attempt left

Turning Disc(leap in second)

Caylpso      Tilt Leap

Leg holds/turns