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VoIP Phone Services

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is VoIP?

VoIP is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks like the Internet. VoIP converts analog voice signals into digital data packets and supports real-time, two-way transmission of conversations using Internet Protocol (IP).

What do the new phones look like?

We are using the following phones:

Cisco 7925G – wireless phone

This model will replace our old cordless phones.

     View an image of the Cisco 7925G (External link to Cisco Website)


Cisco 7945G – 2 line phone

This model will replace our old single line phones.

View an image of the Cisco 7945G (External link to Cisco Website)


Cisco 7965G – 6 line phone

This model will replace our old multiline phones.

View an image of the Cisco 7965G (External link to Cisco Website)


Cisco 9971 – video conferencing phone

This is a new phone option geared to those needing easy video options (internal campus network only).

View an image of the Cisco 9971 (External link to Cisco Website)

The color of our 9971 phones is black


Cisco 7937 – conference phone

This is the new conference phone option.  The old conference phones will still work on the new system.

Where can I find a quick reference guide for the new VoIP phones or Jabber?
Am I losing any features that I had with the old system?

No. The new system will provide all the features that our old phone system offered, including hold call, call forwarding, voice mail, and transfer call.

Will this change the department’s phone bill?

No. The monthly cost per phone will remain the same for your department.

Will having a VoIP phone slow down my computer?

No. There will be a small package installed on your computer that works with the phone, but it will not cause your computer to slow down. If you are having problems with your computer, please contact the computer Help Desk at 254-968-9885 or (866) 744-8900.

What are the advantages with the new VoIP System?

You will have a chance to learn about the new functionality when the implementation team meets with your department. Features to look forward to include a university wide instant messaging system, the availability to see when a user is on/off their phone, and many more.

Where can I find out more information about Cisco Jabber?

We recommend checking out the following Cisco Jabber tutorials for more information: (External links to Cisco Website)

Will I still need my long distance authorization code on the new phones?

No, the University has decided to track and pay for long distance usage differently moving forward.  Long distance costs will now be funded from your monthly telephone line charges.  Usage will still be tracked, and reported back to each department monthly, based on the phone number used to make the call.

Will international calls be funded from our monthly telephone line charges?

No, only domestic long distance calls made from either your University phone or fax will be funded through your monthly telephone line charges.  International, calling card, conference bridges, and any incoming calls on your 800 numbers will still be billed back to your department each month.  International calls will be tracked based on the phone number used to make the call.  Calling card, conference bridges, and incoming 800 number usages will all be tracked and billed back to you in the same way we do it now.

How will I make a long distance call/ fax without my authorization code?
You will dial 8 + 1 +10 digit number you are calling.
What if I have a phone that I don't want it to be used to make long distance calls?

Let us know the phone number of that telephone and we will block the outbound long distance capabilities on it.

If I block the outbound long distance capabilities on it, can it still receive long distance calls?
Will the special conference room telephones we purchased work with the new system?
Yes, your existing conference room telephone (some refer to them as “pods”) will work on the new VoIP system.
Will my current headset work with the new phones?

No, the new phones require a new compatible headset.

Does my department incur the cost of a new headset?

The VoIP Project will pay to replace any existing headsets.  The department will pay the cost of any new headsets just like it does now.