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Skydrives, Dropbox, Google Drive, is my information protected?

With “Clouds” becoming the popular storage place, do you trust them?

Everyone uses a Cloud these days, whether it be Google Drive, OneDrive, or some other free Cloud service, they are becoming more and more popular by the minute. Most smartphones backup your files and information to a Cloud, so it is easier to access your documents, pictures, or even music from anywhere.

The question is not “are Clouds the new fad?” it’s “how do I protect my information, now that Clouds have arrived?”

It is a lot easier to protect yourself than some may think. One obvious way is to keep information you wouldn't want stolen out of the Cloud (this includes personal documents with your address, date of birth (DOB), or even social security number on it). However, if you are going to store in the Cloud follow this link to do it safely.