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Tarleton State University Information Security

Welcome to the Tarleton State University Information Security website

This site is maintained and supported by the Information Security Officer (ISO) through Information Technology Services, the purpose of this site is to inform you the user about security awareness and things you should keep in mind while accessing and using computers and web available to you.

The information security partnership begins with you. Computer security is not only a codified requirement by the state, A&M and Tarleton Standards; it is everyone’s business.  Computer security is all about computers and how they are used to access, process, transmit and store information. The internet with all its wonderful opportunities can be a dangerous place if precautions are not taken as a part of daily activities.

Find out more by visiting Security FAQ's.


Reporting IssuesReporting IssuesHow to Report, Types of Security Issues
Email SecurityEmail SecurityConfidential Information, Phishing
Personal InformationPersonal InformationSharing with Others, Privacy, Password Protection
Illegal DownloadingIllegal DownloadingSharing, Legal Sources for Downloading, Copyrights

Alerts & Advisories

Microsoft AdvisoriesMicrosoft AdvisoriesAlerts and Advisories that Microsoft has issued for their products.