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Guest Wireless Accounts

The Information Technology Department now provides a wireless network for visitors who do not have an NTNET account.  The network is called Texans-Guest. Please follow the steps below to obtain guest wireless access.

Guest wireless accounts will expire exactly 3 days from the time they are created.  Expired accounts are purged at midnight each night.  Once an account is purged, users can request a new account by following the process below again.

If you do not have a mobile device to receive a text message or email, please call the Help Desk at 254-968-9885, Option 1 or visit the Tech Spot in the Library Learning Commons for assistance.  

Connecting to the Network

  1. Click the wireless icon in the bottom right and select Texans-Guest.  Click Connect.


  1. Go to settings and choose Wi-Fi.  Select the Texans-Guest network and click Connect.


  1. Select the wireless icon in the upper right of the screen and choose Texans-Guest.


  1. Go to settings and choose Wi-Fi.  Select Texans-Guest from the list of networks.


  1. Go to settings and select WiFi.  Choose Texans-Guest from the list of networks.


  1. You should see the following screen.  To begin the account request process simply click the Request a Guest Account button.
  2. The following screen will appear.  Enter the required information and click Continue.
  3. You will see a screen showing that your request was approved.  You will receive an email and text message showing you your new credentials.  You can navigate back to the sign-in screen by clicking the Continue button.
  4. Upon receiving your credentials, you can simply enter them into the Network Username and Password fields.  Be sure to check the, "I accept the acceptable use policy box" and click Sign In.  Your will have access for 3 days using this account.  It will prompt you to reenter credentials every 24 hours after activation.  Once 3 days has passed, you will need to begin the creation process again.