Faculty & Staff

Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Name, Title Office Phone
Dr. Deborah Anne Banker, Associate Professor / Department Head E.J. Howell Building 320 254-968-1666
Dr. Credence Baker, Assistant Professor / Assistant Dean College of Graduate Studies E.J. Howell Building 407 254-968-9420
Dr. Jordan Barkley, Dean of the College of Education E.J. Howell Building 105 254-968-9089
Dr. M. Ann Calahan Professor E.J. Howell Building 101 254-968-9933
Dr. Lisa Cavin, Assistant Professor E.J. Howell Building 304 254-968-1939
Dr. Lisa Colvin, Assistant Professor Liberal Arts Building 107 - Waco 254-299-8841
Dr. Laura Estes, Assistant Professor / TMATE Director Hickman Building 312, Fort Worth 254-717-3691
Ms. Shanan Fowler, Instructor E.J. Howell Building 317C 254-968-9231
Dr. Anna Fox, Assistant Professor Liberal Arts Building - Waco 254-299-8322
Dr. Elizabeth Garcia, Assistant Professor Hickman Building 316, Fort Worth 817-717-3684
Dr. James Gentry, Assistant Professor E.J. Howell Building 317B 254-968-0701
Dr. Mike Hawke, Assistant Professor E.J. Howell Building 116 254-968-9793
Dr. Kristina Higgins, Assistant Professor Hickman Building 323, Fort Worth 817-484-4391
Ms. Lillian Hinson, Visiting Instructor E.J. Howell Building 308 254-968-0530
Ms. Deborah Hopkins-Higham, Assistant Professor Waco 254-299-8322
Dr. Gaye Hubble, Assistant Professor Hickman Building 324, Fort Worth 817-717-3693
Ms. Angie Jones, Administrative Assistant III E.J. Howell Building 320 254-968-9097
Dr. Jessica Meehan, Assistant Professor Liberal Arts Building - Waco 254-299-8322
Ms. Jennifer McGregor, Instructor E.J. Howell Building 317A 254-968-9819
Dr. Cheryl Mixon, Assistant Professor E.J. Howell Building 309 254-968-1951
Dr. Robin Pate, Assistant Professor E.J. Howell Building 305 254-968-0702
Dr. Rebecca Putman, Assistant Professor Hickman Building, Fort Worth 817-717-4397
Dr. Juanita Reyes, Assistant Professor / Director of Education & Related Programs for Outreach Center Hickman Building, Fort Worth 817-717-3266
Dr. Christopher Sloan, Assistant Professor E.J. Howell Building 308 254-968-9093
Dr. Diane Taylor, Associate Professor Administration Building 254-968-9821
Ms. Julie Ward, Visiting Assistant Professor E.J. Howell Building 307 254-968-9818
Dr. Michael Wright, Associate Professor Math Building 101 254-968-9811
Department of Curriculum & Instruction Graduate Faculty
Name, Title Location Phone
Dr. Melissa Roberts Becker, Professor / Director for Curriculum & Instruction Fort Worth Hickman Building 407 - Fort Worth 817-717-3688
Dr. Anita Castaneda, Assistant Professor Hickman Building 311 - Fort Worth 817-717-3692
Dr. Susan Erwin, Assistant Professor Hickman Building 316 - Fort Worth 254-717-3318
Dr. Randy Ford, Assistant Professor Hickman Building 403 - Fort Worth 817-717-3329
Dr. Bill Larmer, Professor E.J. Howell Building 310 254-968-9367
Dr. Stephen Harris, Associate Professor Liberal Arts Building 106 - Waco 254-299-8838
Dr. Laurie Hawke, Associate Professor E.J. Howell Building 311 254-968-9810
Dr. Sherian L. Smith, Associate Professor Hickman Building 405 - Fort Worth 817-717-3683
Dr. Holly Lamb, Professor Math Building 101 254-968-9817
Dr. Jan Parham, Assistant Professor and Coordinator - TMATE Killeen Killeen ISD 254-526-4914
Dr. Rebekah Miller-Levy, Assistant Professor E.J. Howell Building 108 254-968-9903
Dr. Diane Sopko, Associate Professor Hickman Building - Fort Worth 817-732-7300
Dr. Kelley Shaffer, Assistant Professor Library (Center for Instructional Innovation) 129 254-968-9050