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Required Forms


For Tarleton Mentors, there are some forms that you will need to fill out so we have a record of you. The forms below need to be turned in before we can place you with a group of children:

1. Agreement to Report Abuse

While mentoring foster children, you might seen something that does not sit right with you or that you might question. With this form, you agree to report any suspicious behavior or activity that you may encounter.

2. Sanctuary Commitments

Foster's Home for Children uses a model called "Sanctuary" to implement their rules, regulations and how they approach the children and care-givers. This model has 7 different concepts that they follow. With this form, you agree to follow these guidelines.

3. Tarleton Mentor Contract

Easter Time!

With this form, you agree to show up with the minimum of one hour a week. More then that is recommended, but everyone understands a busy schedule.

4. Tarleton Mentor Information Sheet

This form gives Foster's Home for Children and Tarleton Mentors an idea of who you are and a chance for you to share

your ideas to improve the program. It has a place for you to put your contact information so we can find you if needed. 

5. Resume and/or Paragraph

With a resume or paragraph, we want to know why you are wanting to be a mentor. List your activities, passions, and interests on your own sheet of paper. You can even hand-write the paragraph on the Tarleton Mentor Information Sheet if you would like to. If you chose to use a resume instead, make sure all of your information is up to date.