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Costa Rica

Costa Rica - International Social Work
Summer 2014

Course No:

  • SWK 459


July 23, 2014 - August 5, 2014

Course Objectives:

This course focuses on social policies and cultural values to women and children, especially those that impact social policy. The core component of the course is a comparison of social policies and programs of Costa Rica, focusing on women and children, with those in the United States. The course will incorporate the impact of policies on undocumented immigrants (primarily Nicaraguans) in Costa Rica with the other policies in the United States and the impact, both past and present, on Native Americans and other minorities.

The central focus of the course is experiential learning in the form of a trip to Costa Rica during the May intersession that incorporates home stays, lectures by local providers, social workers and university personnel, along with community service.

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Approximate Cost:

$2,400 - Includes air travel, transportation, lodging, breakfast and dinners, celebration meal, field trips and health insurance. Does not include tuition fees.

Contact Program Director:

Darla Beaty

Flyers and Forms: