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History of the English Language




Tarleton State University is pleased to continue its partnership with Midwestern State University and New Mexico State University to offer students this unique opportunity to study in London, England, Summer, at Queen Mary College, University of London. You will study in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world. Select one of nine course offerings (6 hours credit) for either undergraduate or graduate level courses. You must have completed 28 hours to be accepted into this program.

Classes are small and include a balanced mixture of lecture, guest speakers, field experience, and individual research. Credit hours are awarded by Midwestern State University and transferred to your home institution. American faculty from Midwestern, Tarleton State, and New Mexico State direct each class and assign grades.


Each student will take one class and receive six credit hours.

Classes will operate on a seminar-style format with all students actively participating in discussions with their professor as well as the numerous guest lecturers. Each lecture will be supplemented with a field experience that will add practical application to the issues that have been raised in class. Students enrolling in a class will be provided with a syllabus before they leave the United States. Research projects or papers will be completed upon return to the U.S. and sent to the professor of record for a final grade. A mini-break during the session will allow students to explore Great Britain or virtually any venue in Western Europe.

Student Housing

Each student will be housed in a private room with a built-in desk, single bed, clothes closet, and lavatory. Each six-bedroom suite is equipped with a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. A common student lounge is also located on the ground level. University housing is within easy access to the West End Theatre District, Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, and Piccadilly Circus.

Classes Offered

English-History of the English Language

Six semester hours, ENGL 4513 and 4993 or 5513 and 5003. This is the ideal course for anyone interested in how the English language has evolved. From its earliest beginnings to the present day, the course will cover changes in vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar, with special attention to such issues as the differences between British English and American English, the effects of printing and books on language, how standards for correctness are determined, and historical connections between language and politics and between language and the church. The course will include guest lectures by English scholars, as well as field trips for studying original manuscripts (Beowulf, Chaucer, Milton, and Shakespeare), the influence of the Norman Conquest, and the history of printing and bookmaking


Approximate Cost
The approximate cost of the program is $6,400 for undergraduate (6,650 for graduate students) and includes the round-trip airfare from DFW to London, tuition, fees, housing, and all program-related transportation.
For Travel in London, students will be expected to purchase a zone one and two London travel card. There is a $150 surcharge for students taking the Shakespeare and the Theatre classes. Food and personal entertainment costs are the responsibility of the student.
A $250 non-refundable deposit paid directly to the Midwestern State University must accompany the application to the program.

Contact Program Director
Dr. Marilyn Robitaille
Phone: 254-968-9545

Study Abroad Application (Required for TSU)

Study Abroad Scholarship (Required for TSU)

British Studies Course Transfer form (Required for TSU)

Midwestern Application (Return to MWSU with Deposit)