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Global Service Learning - Dominican Republic

Global Service Learning in the Dominican Republic

Summer 2014

3 hours Credit
Course No:

COMS 486


TBA Summer 2014

Course Objectives:
Through this Global Service Learning Experience course, students will travel to the Dominican Republic to experience an international culture. Before, during, and after the experience, the students will be required to submit blog entries to reflect on their experience. The students will also be required to write an undergraduate research paper focused on communication, undergraduate students, and study abroad experiences.

  • Students will explain the similarities and differences between their culture and the culture of the Dominican Republic.
  • Students will demonstrate use of social media technologies to effectively communicate their feelings and thoughts about culture different than their own.
  • Students will recognize cultural similarities and differences in verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Students will learn the basic principles of undergraduate research in social sciences.


Approximate Cost:


Program Director:

Dr. Jennifer Edwards

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Program Syllabus
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