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Tarleton State University Student Travel Regulations

Procedure: Student Travel

Supplements System Policy 13.04 and Tarleton Rule 13.04.99.T1

  1. Introduction
    Student safety is a top priority for Tarleton State University. Tarleton’s commitment to providing its students a safe university experience reaches beyond the confines of the Stephenville campus.  It extends into every university-sanctioned trip its students take.  As a result, the university has developed Student Travel Procedures with the expectation that all travel supervisors will strictly adhere to its requirements.
  2. Definitions
    1. University-sanctioned travel occurs when travel meets all of the following conditions:
      • student travel is more than 25 miles from campus
      • to an activity or event that is organized, sponsored by Tarleton and is:
      • funded by Tarleton and using a vehicle owned or leased by Tarleton; or
      • sponsored by a student organization registered at Tarleton.  Social events, sponsored by student organization, are exempt; however, the sponsoring organization is encouraged to file travel forms as a precaution
    2. Campus is defined as the university property or facility that is the location of departure (i.e.: Stephenville, Killeen, Fort Worth, etc.)
    3. A social event is defined as an activity exclusive of educational purpose and is not required by national, state, or regional affiliation.
  3. Travel Authorization Process
    The following travel authorization process and safety rules must be followed for all university-sanctioned trips.
    1. Complete Student/Group Travel Form
    2. Submit Student/Group Travel Form at least ten (10) days prior to date of travel to the appropriate administrative department. Athletics rosters should be submitted no later than one working day prior to travel.
    3. Obtain approval from appropriate university administrator.
    4. Have each trip participant complete a Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement.  For athletics and other team travel, blanket waivers may be completed and submitted at the beginning of each year. A parent/guardian signature is required for any participant under the age of 18.
    5. Prior to travel, duplicate and distribute Student/Group Travel Form and List to the Control Center.
  4. Safety Rules
    Students transporting other students on travel that is university-related but not officially “sanctioned” as defined in section II are strongly urged to observe all applicable safety rules and traffic laws.

    Travel planners/supervisors are encouraged to consider the number of participants traveling, distance to be traveled, and timeframe of the travel (i.e. day travel versus night travel) when determining whether to use vans or charter busses. Travelers should be aware that most highway accidents occur as a result of driver fatigue. Therefore, fatigue of the driver/prospective driver must be carefully considered prior to and during travel.
    1. Only Tarleton employees (including student employees) are authorized to drive university-owned or leased vehicles. (In the case of an emergency circumstance that renders an employee unable to drive while on university-sanctioned travel, this rule may be waived.)
    2. All drivers who transport students on university-sanctioned trips must have completed a driver safety course. The course is scheduled by Employee Services. This is a one-time requirement (with an exception noted in #11).
    3. The driver safety course is available to all Tarleton employees who wish to complete it, regardless of whether or not they transport students on university-sanctioned trips.
    4. Employees/students are allowed to take the Driver Safety course during regular working/office hours. An employee should coordinate the timing of course participation with his/her supervisor.
    5. Vans with a standard maximum capacity of 15 passengers must carry no more than 10 passengers (including the driver).  If 15 passenger vans must be used, it is recommended that the last seat be removed from the vehicle and that cargo be limited in the rear of the vehicle to what will fit on the floor with out stacking higher than seat level.
      Each university-owned or leased vehicle being used to transport students on a university-sanctioned trip must contain information regarding procedures to follow/individuals to contact in the event of an emergency.  This information is included on the Student/Group Travel Form.
    6. Each vehicle being used to transport students on a university-sanctioned trip must include information that clearly states that the Control Center is to be contacted in the event of any travel-related emergency that results in student injury or results from serious student illness. This information is included on the Student Group Travel List form.
    7. Seat belts, when available, must be worn at all times.
    8. Individuals taking students on a university-sanctioned trip are encouraged to ensure that there is at least one cellular phone available in each vehicle for use in the event of vehicle malfunction, accident, student illness, or other emergency.
    9. Alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited in all university-owned or leased vehicles. The use of university-owned or leased vehicles to transport students to and/or from an establishment whose primary function is to sell and serve alcohol is also prohibited.
    10. The appropriate vice president, dean, or the athletic director may require, as a consequence of a moving or other traffic violation, an employee or student to take a driver safety course refresher before the employee/student can transport students on a subsequent university-sanctioned trip.
    11. Employees and students using personal vehicles to transport students on university-sanctioned travel will not be reimbursed for mileage unless they completed the travel authorization process prior to travel, as specified in section III, and are on record in Employee Services as having completed the Driver Safety Training Course.
    12. Faculty, staff, students or student organizations who violate the university’s travel rule and procedures may be subject to disciplinary action.

Note #1: Due to travel dynamics unique to the Rodeo Team, a separate set of Safety Rules for Rodeo travel has been developed and are attached as an Addendum to Tarleton State University Student Travel Regulations.

Note #2: Trips involving international travel must follow guidelines specifically developed for travel in foreign countries. For more information on international travel, travel supervisors can contact the International Academic Programs Office at 254-968-9632.

Rodeo Travel Addendum to Tarleton State University Student Travel Regulations
  1. Each participant in NIRA rodeos will complete a Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement, with participant information, at the beginning of each semester.
  2. The director will complete the applicable part of the Student/Group Travel Form 10 days prior to a trip.
  3. The director will supply a list of participants for the given rodeo to the Dean of Student Affairs two days prior to competition.
  4. Each student participant will be given a card which states the Dean of Student Affairs and the Rodeo Director must be contacted in the case of any travel-related emergency that results in serious injury to the student or to the student’s livestock.
  5. The director will make available to the following individuals/offices telephone numbers where he/she may be reached during rodeo travel and/or competition: student participants, the Dean of Student Affairs, University Police, and the Vice President for Student Affairs.
  6. The director will give student instruction on NIRA travel insurance.  The Driver Safety course requirement applies to the director, graduate assistant, the assistant coach, and any students who transport other students to and from rodeo competitions and practices.