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Staff Council Committee Leadership 2014-2015

Staff Council committees include membership from the Staff Council Representatives as well as non-representatives. If you are interested in assisting any of the committees below, contact the Staff Council President or the chairs below.

Staff Development

Chairman: Elaine Chew
Members: Frances Blair, Susan Branham, Lacie Harris

Staff Development Committee explores the opportunities the University and staff face in building a strong and productive relationship. Examine what works, what hinders, and what sustains this relationship and offer a set of practices and activities that can contribute to a positive working partnership between staff and the University, i.e. Staff Enrichment Day, Summer Development Luncheon, others as selected by committee.

Employee Appreciation

Chairman: Caleb Chapman
Co-Chair: Frances Blair
Members: Becky Gray, Micah Russell, and BJ Simmons

The Employee Recognition Committee is charged with the implementation of programs and/or procedures which will recognize the accomplishments of the staff community.

Public Relations

Chairman: Lacie Harris
Members: Ashley Ayers, Morgan Carter, Leslie Newcomb, and BJ Simmons

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for keeping the Staff Council Web Page information current and accurate. The committee is also responsible for producing a Staff Council brochure annually to be distributed at the beginning of each fiscal year. In addition the committee may be called on to assist other committees and officers with visibility and public relations publicity which could include flyers, announcements, newsletters, and other.

Hospitality & Fundraising

Chairman: Micah Russell
Co-Chair: Ben Kunze
Members: Alyson Chapman, BJ Simmons, Susan Murray, Clell Murray, Leslie Newcomb, and Bonnie Terry

Special Events Committee serves the staff of Tarleton State University and the surrounding community in creating and communicating professional opportunities and to assist in developing leaders and better citizens who will challenge and enrich the future of the University and the community, i.e. Holiday Showcase, Festival of Trees, and others as selected by the committee.

Healthy Campus Representative

Representative: Frances Blair

The representative will provide a voice for Staff Council for the campus-wide Healthy Campus initiative.


Chairman: Frances Blair
Co-Chairman: Ben Kunze
Members: Current Treasurer, Current Secretary, Current Past-President, Current President-Elect, and Betty Pack

The Staff Council Scholarship committee exists to follow all processes, requirements, and details associated with issuing scholarships to our Tarleton State University staff members who are also enrolled in Undergraduate or Graduate courses at the University. This allows the committee to vote and award scholarships to Tarleton staff who are continuing their education.