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CARS Courses

The courses listed below will be renamed in Summer 2014.

DGS 100 - Succeed in College

The purpose of this course is to develop skills that lead to success in college, such as time management and study skills. It is a one hour, non- credit course.

DGS 101 - University Seminar

This course has been designed to facilitate the transition to University living and learning, and is the cornerstone of all of our learning communities. Course topics include college study skills, time management, dealing with stress and anxiety, changing relationships with family members, career exploration, diversity, communication, University resources, and campus integration. This one hour credit course can be used towards elective hours in the student's degree plan.

DGS 102 - University Seminar II

This course builds upon DGS 101, with a focus on career development, leadership, and service. Students who have been successful in DGS 101 enroll in this class to expand their career exploration, writing process and service learning opportunities. DGS 102 is a one hour, for-credit course.

Updated on February 16, 2014