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Every fall and spring semester a Social Work student is awarded $500 from the the Social Work Program's Herbert Jarrett Scholarship. Any Social Work student that is interested should contact the scholarship office for further information.


International Travel & Study Abroad

The College of Liberal and Fine Arts and the Department of Social Work, Sociology, and Criminal Justice consider International Travel and Study Abroad critically important for Personal and Career Development, as well as for the realization that we live in a global village, a world-wide community. More and more employers are asking students have you studied abroad? Since we recognize the importance of international experiences, we will continue to provide students with the tools that will help you evolve into leaders in Social Work, Sociology, and Criminal Justice in the global society of the 21st century. For other travel opportunities, be sure you fully explore all of Tarleton State University's Study Abroad Programs.

For Further Information Contact

Francine Pratt