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Below is a list of the most recent publications/presentations and current research projects of the Social Science Department faculty

Dr. T. Lindsay Baker

Dr. Baker is the most prolific scholar in the department and has published numerous books and articles and presented many papers on various historical subjects.  A brief sample of some of his most current publications is listed here

Editor, Traces of Forgotten Places: An Artist's Thirty-Year Exploration and Celebration of Texas As It Was (Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press, 2008)

Editor, The Birth of a Texas Ghost Town: Thurber, 1886-1933 (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2008)

Gangster Tour of Texas (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2011).

American Windmills: An Album of Historical Photographs (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2007)

Editor, Confederate Guerilla: The Civil War Memoir of Joseph Bailey (Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 2007)

More Ghost Towns of Texas (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2005)

Dr. Baker is also the editor and publisher of the Windmiller's Gazette.  He is also currently working on a research project involving historic crimes in Texas.

Dr. Craig Clifford

(with Randolph Feezell), Sport and Character: Reclaiming the Principles of Sportsmanship  (Human Kinetics, 2010).

Learned Ignorance in the Medicine Bow Mountains: A Reflection on Intellectual Prejudice  (New York: Rodopi, 2008)

"John Graves," in Updating the Literary West: A Supplement to A Literary History of the American West  (Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press, 1997).

(with Randolph Feezell), Coaching for Character: Reclaiming the Principles of Sportsmanship  (Human Kinetics, 1997).

The Tenure of Phil Wisdom: Dialogues  (Washington D.C.: University Press of America, 1995).

(with Tom Pilkington), Range Wars: Heated Debates, Sober Reflections, and Other Assessments of Texas Writing  (Dallas, TX: Southern Methodist University Press, 1989).

In the Deep Heart's Core: Reflections on Life, Letters, and Texas  (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1985).

Dr. Clifford is currently working on a new book (with Craig Hillis), entitled Pickers and Poets: The Ruthlessly Poetic Singer-Songwriters of Texas.  It will be published by Texas A&M University Press.

Dr. Malcolm Cross

Dr. Cross has several research projects underway:

He has begun work on an intellectual history of the conservative response to Darwinism, both Social Darwinism and evolutionary theory

He is also working on a critique of the historiography of works written by Christian Right historians, notably David Barton, former Vice-Chair of the Republican Party in Texas and founder of "Wallbuilders."

He is also researching the question of how national security policy was addressed by Richard Nixon, Nelson Rockefeller, and John F. Kennedy during the 1960 presidential campaign.

Finally, Dr. Cross is also investigating the question of tax policy in the 1980 presidential campaign, wherein Ronald Reagan first advocated "supply side" economics and huge tax cuts

Mr. Patrick Crawford (MA in History, 12-2010)

"Tracking the Ancient Beasts: The Saga of the Glen Rose Dinosaur Footprints,"  paper to be presented at the West Texas Historical Association, Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX), April 2011.

Dr. Richard Cruz

World History: A Collection of Primary Sources, 6th edition (Littleton, MA: Tapestry Press, 2009) [with Christopher Guthrie]

Dr. Christopher E. Guthrie

"The Faculty Driven Model for Innovation in Teaching Initiatives," (with Dr. Credence Baker and Dr. Kayla Peak), The Academic Leader, vol. 27, no. 9 (September 2011): 4-6.

"Socialism in Microcosm: The Municipal Administration of Dr. Ernest Ferroul in Narbonne, 1896-1921," European History Quarterly, vol. 40, no. 1 (January 2010): 1-18

The Battle for the République Démocratique et sociale in the Narbonnais, 1830-1875 (Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2006)

World History: A Collection of Primary Sources, 6th edition (Littleton, MA: Tapestry Press, 2009) [with Richard Cruz]

Currently working on a biography of Louis Philippe Joseph, duc d'Orléans (aka "Philippe Egalité")

Dr. Matthew Hallgarth

"The UN's New "Responsibility to Protect" and Irregular War," paper to be presented at the International Society of Military Ethics, San Diego, CA, January 2010

"Ethics and Torture" paper presented at the Poe Center for Business Ethics, University of Florida, September 2009

"Breadth vs Depth for Teaching Modern Philosophy Courses," paper presented at the American Philosophical Association Central Division, Chicago, IL, February 2010.

"Just War Theory and Killing by Remote Control: A Primer" in B.J. Strawser, ed., Killing by Remote Control: The Ethics of an Unmanned Military  (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013).

Mr. Andrew Johnson

"The History of the Stephenville Recreation Hall," paper presented at the Phi Alpha Theta Regional Meeting, University of North Texas, April 2009.

Dr. Jeff William Justice

        "The Importance of Being Professional," Southwestern Journal of International Studies," 5:1, 157-160

(with Ryan Cheek and Brandon Buckman), "Ideological Impacts Upon Environmental Problem Perception," Forum on Public Policy, 2011:2.

"Who Votes in Europe? Can Wolfinger and Rosenstone Apply to Turnout in European Parliament Elections?" Southwestern Journal of International Studies, 2011, 4:1, 1-24.

(with Ryan Cheek), "The Effect of the Religious Right on Environmental Polarization," paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Political Science Association, New Orleans, LA, 2013.

"Environmental Strategic Voting: The Case of Canada," paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Political Science Association, San Diego, CA, 2012.

 (with Ryan Cheek and Brandon Buckman), "Post-materialism and Environmental Problem Perception: A Reconsideration," paper presented at the 2011 Meeting of the Southwestern Political Science Association, Las Vegas, NV, March 2011.

"Parties of NO: Explaining Increasing Partisan Polarization Through Attitudes Towards the Opposition," paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Political Science Association, Houston, TX, 2010.

Dr. Carol Key

(with Vijayan Pillai) "Community Participation and Tourism Attitudes in Belize," Interamerican Journal of Environment and Tourism,  2, 2, (October 2006): 8-15.

(with Vijayan Pillai) "Tourism and Ethnicity in Belize," International Review of Modern Sociology, 33, 1, (Spring 2007): 129-150.

"Fluidity and Continuity in Belize, Central America," paper presented at the American Anthropological Association National Conference, New Orleans, LA, November 2010.

"Rethinking Dichotomous Distinctions," paper presented at the Western Social Science Conference, Albuquerque, NM, 2009.

Dr. Michael Landis

The Northern Democracy: Slavery, the Democratic Party, and the Destruction of the Union.  Cornell University Press, forthcoming Fall 2014.

"President Polk as Southern Sectionalist," in A Companion to the Antebellum Presidents, 1837-1861, ed. by Joel Silbey (Malden, MA: Wiley-  Blackwell, 2013).

"Deceptive Democrats: Northern Democrats and the Illusion of Principle," in Secessions: From the American Revolution to the Civil War, ed. by A. Glenn Crothers (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2013)

"Old Buck's Lieutenant: Glancy Jones, James Buchanan, and the Northern Democracy," paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Historical Association (Gettysburg, PA, October 2013).

Dr. Jason LaTouche

"What a Woman Wonders: This is Feminism," in The Ages of Wonder Woman: Essays on the Amazon Princess in Changing Times, ed. by Joseph Dasowski  (Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Company, forthcoming).

"Red White and Bruised: The Vietnam War and the Weakening of Superman," in The Ages of Superman: Essays on the Man of Steel in Changing Times, ed. by Joseph Dasowski (Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Company, 2012.

"Cosmic Odyssey," "Infinity Gauntlet," and "Moonshadow" in Critical Survey of Graphic Novels, ed. by Bart H. Barry and Stephen Weiner  (Hackensack, NJ: Salem Press, 2012).

"My Real Imaginary Friends: iCarly and the Power of Hyperreality," Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture, vol. 10, no. 11 (Spring, 2011).

Dr. Lawrence Margolis

Key Factors for Economic Success in Industrial Nations: A Statistical Analysis  (Lewistown, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2008).

Dr. Dean Minix

(with Vincent M. Prince) "The Regional Wars on Terror in Sub-Saharan Africa in the Age of Obama: Angola, South Africa, Nigeria,"  paper presented at Oxford Round Table, Oxford University, U.K., July 2010.  An earlier version was presented by Drs. Minix and Vincent at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies at Ohio State University, October 30-31, 2009.

 (with Vincent M. Prince) "Sub-Saharan Africa as Another Front in the Global War on Terror,"  Southwestern Journal of International Studies, vol. 3, 2009.

(with Dennis Jones) "Summer Bridge Programs: Providing a Jump Start toward Student Success," Proceedings of the Southwest Teaching and Learning Conference, San Antonio, TX, March 27-28, 2009.

Dr. Eric Morrow

"Teaching Methods for Public Policy Research," paper presented at the 10th Annual Excellence in Teaching Conference, Tarleton State University, April 2013.

Dr. Janet Schmelzer

Dr. Schmelzer has just finished Our Fighting Governor: The Life of Thomas M. Campbell and the Politics of Progressive Reform in Texas.  The biography will be published by Texas A&M Press in October 2014.

Dr. Leslie Stanley-Stevens

"Fathers, Fathering, and Fatherhood Across Cultures," (with Rudy Ray Seward) in Parenting Across Cultures: Childbearing, Motherhood, and Fatherhood in Non-Western Cultures, ed. by H. Selin.  New York: Springer, 2014, pp. 459-474..

What They Didn't Know When They Were Expecting: And How They Became Better Parents.  Charleston, SC: CreateSpace, 2012.

"Reconstructing Work and Domestic Spheres During the Transition to Parenthood," in Economic Stress and the Family, ed. by Sampson Lee Blair.  NL: Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2012, pp. 147-162.

"Decisions of First Time Expectant Mothers in Central Texas Compared to Women in Great Britain and Spain: Testing Hakim's Preference Theory," Journal of Contemporative Family Issues, 42, 1. (2011): 113-130.

"Role Expectations of First Time Expectant Fathers," Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology, 35, 2 (2007): 57-72.

"First Time Expectant Fathers' Attitudes, Actions, and Well Being in regard to Family Issues,"  Women's Health and Urban Life, vi, 2 (2007): 81-96.

"Baby-Proofing Marriages with Pre-Parental Ministries," Circuit Rider, (November 2011-January 2012): 17-19.

"What They Didn't Expect When They Were Expecting," Family Magazine (February 2008): 14-15.

Dr. Jesus Velasco

Neoconservatives in U.S. Foreign Policy Under Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush: Voices Behind the Throne  (Baltimore: The John Hopkins University Press, 2010).

"Losing Talent: Mexican High-Skill Migration to the US," forthcoming in Americas Quarterly (2013).

"Change and Continuity in U.S.-Mexican Relations," in The Foreign Policy of Mexico: Goals and Obstacles, ed. by Guadelupe Gonzales and Olga Pellicer, (Mexico: Siglo XXI, 2013).

(with Antonio de la Cuesta) "Soft Power, Hard Power, or a Little Bit of Everything: The American Foreign Policy in the First Decade of the 21st Century," in American Politics in the Second Obama Administration, ed by Luis Maira (Mexico: CIDE, 2013).