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Undergraduate Degrees


The Social Science Department does not currently offer either a major or minor in Geography. Geography classes are currently offered to fulfill the academic core requirements, specific degree requirements for HIST, and the Geography component of the Social Studies Composite certification plan.


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A major in Philosophy is not currently offered. Students may minor in this subject by taking 18 hours of Philosophy courses (6 hours of which must be at the 300-400 level). See Dr. Clifford for more information.

Political Science

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Pre-Law at Tarleton State is a program of study emphasis designed to prepare students for entry into law school and success in their first year of post-graduate legal study.  Recommended courses focus on areas of public policy, critical thinking and technical writing skills.  Pre-Law students are encouraged to work with the program adviser in course selection, choosing law schools, and exploration into legal careers.  Students are also encouraged to join the Pre-Law Association student organization.