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M.A. of Arts Degree in History - Thesis Track

The MA in History (thesis track) requires 36 hours of approved course work, including HIST 598 (Historiography and Historical Method), one research course (HIST 520, 532, or 542), and 6 hours of HIST 588 (Thesis). In consultation with the graduate history advisor and the student's thesis advisor, a student may take 12 hours in an appropriate supporting field. The student must take course work in United States and non-United States history. 

Each thesis track student in history must demonstrate proficiency in at least one foreign language prior to the awarding of the MA Degree. Proficiency will be measured either by the successful completion (with a C or better) of 14 hours in a single foreign language (either on the undergraduate or graduate level) or by obtaining a passing score on a standardized foreign language exam.

Each thesis track student will take a written comprehensive examination after completing 24 hours of course work and before registering for HIST 588 (Thesis). The examination, based on course work submitted for the MA degree, will be constructed, administered, and evaluated by the student's graduate advisory committee. If the examination result is unsatisfactory, the student  will be allowed to retake the comprehensive examination one additional time. Additional course work in areas of weakness may be required. 

Each thesis track student will complete a thesis under the direction of a thesis advisor, who will chair the student's graduate advisory committee. The student will not begin work on the thesis prior to completion of 24 hours of course work and will enroll in Thesis (HIST 588) only with prior approval of the department head and graduate history advisor. The thesis will be prepared in accordance with the general procedures specified by the College of Graduate Studies. Upon completion of the thesis, the student will sit for an oral defense before a committee composed of her/his graduate advisory committee and a representative from the Graduate College. Under special circumstances, the thesis advisor, in consultation with the graduate history advisor and the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, may modify this requirement.

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