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Oral Presentation Guidelines

Presentations will be limited to 12 minutes, followed by 3 minutes for questions. The session moderator will alert you when 10 minutes have elapsed and will interrupt you at the end of 12 minutes. If you go beyond the 15 minutes allotted, you will be asked to step aside for the next presenter.

Evaluation forms used by the judges are provided so that you know in advance what the judges will be looking for in a quality presentation. Evaluation form (Word document)

For those wishing to use slide-presentation software, we will be able to accommodate PowerPoint presentations (and potentially others if they do not require software to be installed on our computers). If you are using software other than PowerPoint, contact us in advance to verify compatibility with our computers. Please deliver your presentations to Dr. Pfau using one of the two methods below by noon Friday, October 30th:

  • E-mail attachment ( )
  • Hand deliver to room 213H Science with file saved on a memory stick or CD.

Your presentation will be saved on a server and opened by the session moderator for your presentation. We strongly recommend that you also bring your presentation with you Saturday (on a memory stick or CD) in case there is an unexpected technical difficulty.

Be sure your name and presentation title is clearly indicated on the first slide.

By having the presentations ahead of time, we can preload them on the computer server. This will smooth the transition between talks for each session and will ensure that your presentation is in working order prior to your presentation.