Assistive Technology

The term "Assistive Technology" refers to devices or services used by individuals with disabilities to access, use, and generate information. Student Disability Services has several options for students who use assistive technology, particularly in a testing environment. The table below shows selected Assistive Technology currently available to Tarleton students.Technology.jpg



Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dictation (speech to text) software.


Screen reading (text to speech) software for students who are blind or have low vision.

Natural Reader

Screen reading software for students who have other print related disabilities.



Ubi Duo

Closed instant messaging system for deaf students.

Video Eye

Magnification system for students with low vision.

FM Systems

Amplification systems for students with hearing impairment.



CART (Computer Assisted Realtime Translation)

Real time transcription for students with hearing impairment.

Alternative format book requests

For students with print related disabilities.