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Phone: 254-968-9245
Fax: 254-968-9239
Box: T-0320

Faculty and Staff Listings
Name Title Email Phone
Davidian,  Dr. Teresa Department Head and Associate Professor 254-968-9244
Asakura,  Dr. Iwao Assistant Professor 254-968-9243
Ball,  Greg Assistant Professor 254-968-9828
Butler,  Laura Artist in Residence 254-968-9245
Chambers,  Steve Instructor 254-968-9964
Cox,  Dayle Program Coordinator 254-968-9291
Davis,  Mark Assistant Professor 254-968-9235
Feagan,  Johnny Technical Manager 254-968-9292
Hanlon,  Joshua Assistant Professor 254-968-0572
Harding,  Timonthy Assistant Professor 254-968-0742
Harding,  Timothy Assistant Professor 254-968-0742
Hawk,  Heather Instructor 254-968-9453
Holtorf,  Mark Associate Professor 254-968-9888
Hybinette,  Knut Assistant Professor 254-968-0743
Ireland,  Chris Assistant Professor 254-968-9274
Johnson,  Dr. Vicky Assistant Professor 254-968-9238
Jones,  Prudence Assistant Professor 254-968-9669
LaRue,  Lori Operations Manager 254-968-9639
Miller,  Debbie Administrative Assistant II 254-968-9617
Perevertailenko,  Dymytro Assistant Professor 254-968-1712
Pursell,  Anthony Assistant Professor and Director of Bands 254-968-9242
Robertson,  Troy Choir Director 254-968-9240
Simpson,  Sara Administrative Assistant III 254-968-9245
Spotz,  Leslie Associate Professor 254-968-9241
Stavish,  Carol Associate Professor 254-968-9381
Walker,  Brian Assistant Professor 254-968-0744
Westbrook,  Gary Associate Professor 254-968-9439
Westmoreland,  Teresa Costume Shop Supervisor 254-968-9131
Function Listings
Name Fax Phone T-Box
Box Office (Wells Fine Arts Center) 254-968-9239 254-968-9634 T-0320
Summer Camps-Cheer, Music 254-968-9239 254-968-9130 T-0320
ULTRA/Gallery 254-968-9239 254-968-9236 T-0320