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Phone: 254-968-9096
Fax: 254-968-9947
Box: T-0290

Faculty and Staff Listings
Name Title Email Phone
Banker,  Dr. Deborah Anne Department Head & Associate Professor 254-968-1666
Aglazor,  Genevieve Assistant Professor 254-968-9821
Baker,  Dr. Credence Assistant Professor 254-968-9420
Calahan,  Dr. Ann Professor 254-968-9933
Cavin,  Dr. Lisa Associate Professor 254-968-1939
Fowler,  Shanan Instructor 254-968-9231
Gentry,  Dr. Jim Associate Professor 254-968-0701
Hawke,  Dr. Laurie Associate Professor 254-968-9810
Hawke,  Dr. Michael Associate Professor 254-968-9793
Hawkins,  Amanda Child Development Center Assistant Teacher 254-968-9788
Hinson,  Lillian Visiting Instructor 254-968-0530
Jones,  Angie Administrative Associate IV 254-968-9097
McGregor,  Jennifer Assistant Professor 254-968-9819
Miller-Levy,  Dr. Rebekah Associate Professor 254-968-9903
Mixon,  Dr. Cheryl Assistant Professor 254-968-1951
Mullins,  Jacqueline Child Development Center Assistant Teacher 254-968-9788
Pate,  Roberta Assistant Professor 254-968-0702
Quazi,  Paula Lead Teacher- Child Development 254-968-9788
Rudder,  Debbie NCELP Program Specialist 254-968-9805
Sloan,  Dr. Chris Assistant Professor 254-968-9093
Stephens,  Elizabeth Director of Child Development Center 254-968-1912
Taylor,  Dr. Diane Professor 254-968-9598
Turner,  Margo Adjunct dturner@tarleton.ed 254-968-9383
Ward,  Ms. Julie Assistant Professor 254-968-9818
Whitworth,  Nancy Child Development Center Teacher Aide 254-968-9788
Function Listings
Name Fax Phone T-Box
Child Development Center 254-968-9788 T-0380