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Location: SCIENCE BUILDING Room 117
Phone: 254-968-9143
Fax: 254-968-9953
Box: T-0540

Faculty and Staff Listings
Name Title Email Phone
Srinivasan,  Dr. Rajani Department Head 254-968-9894
Bell-Chacon,  Dr. Peter Assistant Professor 254-968-9273
Caballero,  Kate Administrative Associate IV 254-968-9143
Field,  Dr. Stephen Professor 254-968-9887
Gamble,  Rex Instructor 254-968-9925
Goderya,  Dr. Shaukat Assistant Professor 254-968-9730
Hibbs,  Dr. Michael Associate Professor 254-968-9150
Low,  Dr. Arthur Professor 254-968-1757
Marble,  Dr. Daniel Director of the Texas Physics Consortium 254-968-9880
Martinez Ortega,  Bernat Assistant Professor 254-968-1853
McCoy,  Dr. Jim Associate Professor 254-968-9068
Mercer,  Stephen Technical Stockroom Supervisor 254-968-9151
Morgan,  Dr. Ryan Assistant Professor 254-968-9889
Pandey,  Bimal Physics Instructor 254-968-0723
Ronck,  Dr. Catherine Assistant Professor 254-968-1862
Schultz,  Dr. Linda Professor 254-968-9146
Srinivasan,  Rajani Assistant Professor 254-968-1906
Sundarrajan,  Geetha Lecturer 254-968-9142
Thompson,  Dr. Carol Professor 254-968-9739
Whaley,  Dr. Lance Associate Professor 254-968-9145