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FAQ - PDF Documents

If you have trouble viewing PDF documents within the system, consider the following:

Are you able to load any other PDFs from within the Curriculum Management System?

Yes, I can view other PDFs

  1. Is the document asking you to install some sort of Language Pack?
    • In this case, there may be a font or special character in the document that is incompatible with your computer. You may be able to contact the document author and see if there are any strange characters used in the document outside of standard English letters, numbers, and punctuation.
  2. Some documents may have been loaded incorrectly by the author or revisor.
    In this situation you may be at the mercy of waiting for the document to be corrected by someone else.

No, I can't view any PDFs at all.

  1. Consider installing, or upgrading your Free Adobe ReaderAdobe Reader software.
    • Full version of Adobe Acrobat is acceptable, but NOT required to operate the Electronic Curriculum Management System.
      The free Adobe Reader software is perfectly compatible.
  2. Is it time to close all your windows and give your computer a healthy reboot?

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