Private Funding
Principal Investigator Department Title  Amount  Grantor Award No. Terms
Randy Harp Ag Houston Livestock               32,500.00 Houston Endowment, Inc.
Linda Schultz Chemistry Chemistry Dept. Research               35,000.00 Welch Foundation   6/00-5/05
Don Cawthon Ag Brown Foundation Working Scholarship                 1,529.54 Brown Foundation  
Timothy Brown Animal Science Dairy Nutrition Research-BASF                 4,320.10 BASF Corporation 5/98-5-00
Steven A. Harris Curriculum and Instruction Ft. Worth ISD Allternative Certificate             140,113.18 Ft. Worth ISD 1/01-8/03
Hennen Cummings Agribusiness Vitazyme Research                 4,045.80 Vital Earth Resources 5/05-4/06
Ron Jones TIAER National Council for Air and Stream               19,998.95 NCASI 6/05-7/06
Ron Jones TIAER Nolan Creek Watershed-City of Killeen                 6,497.15 A.L. Laboratories   6/06-6/08
Lonn Reisman Athletics NCAA/LSC Grant                 2,500.00 NCAA   9/05-8/06
Mary Cauble Curriculum and Instruction Tarleton Renaissance Initiative               75,000.00 Sid W.Richardson Foundation 6/06-5/08
Kyle McGregor Animal Science CEV Multimedia Project               21,547.86
Total Private Funding         343,052.58
Principal Investigator Department Title  Amount  Grant Award No. Terms
Ron Beck Small Business Dev Small Business Dev. Center 2004-05               13,799.35 Texas Tech University 1317/B204-03 10/04-9/05
Ron Beck Small Business Dev Small Business Dev. Center 2005-06             114,699.28 Texas Tech University 10/05-9/06
Jill Burk College of Education Tarleton Model Acc Teacher Ed               90,083.91 State of Texas
Steven Harris College of Education Tmate-Central Texas             124,699.66 State of Texas
Steven Harris College of Education Tmate-Sum Adventures in Learning CT                 4,870.00 State of Texas
Randy Hines Ag Dairy Science Promotions - State Fair                 1,000.00 State of Texas
Dokagari Woods College of Nursing Nursing Degree Collaborative               13,588.60 Brownwood Regional Medical 8/00-7/05
Ron Jones TIAER Composting Support Project-Bosque                 5,903.61 Tx State Soil & Water Conserv. 00-8 1/01-9/05
Mary Cauble Curriculum & Instruction CEO-Collaborative Educational Org.               15,400.00 Region IX Service Center 6/01-6/03
Reuben Walter College of Science Joint Admission Medical Program               16,306.32 Joint Admission Medical Prog. 9/01-8/09
Roger Wittie Ag Wildlife Biologist               55,140.06 Dir. Of Pub Works-Ft. Hood 9/02-8/05
Roger Wittie Ag Equipment operator               52,083.45 Dir. Of Pub Works-Ft. Hood 9/02-8/05
Jill Burk College of Education Community College Teacher Dev.                 2,905.13 West Texas A&M University 2/03-8/06
Mary Cauble Curriculum & Instruction Transition to Teach E-Mentoring-A&M             122,457.28 TAMU Research Foundation 5/03-9/06
Ron Jones TIAER Monitor support N. Bosque TMDL #12               24,000.00 Tx. Comm. Environ. Quality 5/03-9/06
Ron Jones TIAER Refine & Application N Bosque TMDL #11               11,227.80 Tx. Comm. Environ. Quality 582-0-80113 9/03-8/05
Ron Jones TIAER Edge-of-field monitoring BRA               14,235.37 Brazos River Authority 03-14-A 10/03-1/08
Kyle McGregor Ag Dairy in the 21st. Century               14,386.88 Southwest Dairy Museum 11/03-8/06
Ron Jones TIAER Tx Brush Control - UCRA               71,014.59 Upper Colorado River Authority 9/03-8/07
Ron Jones TIAER Oversight & QAPP-Brazos River Authority               42,479.88 Brazos River Authority 582-2-48666A 1/04-8/06
Ron Jones TIAER Analytical Ser-Tx Parks & Wildlife               25,614.21   Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. 132536 3/04-8/06
Mary Cauble Curriculum & Instruction Principal ACT lab/Assess Principals                   584.57 TAMU University System
William Larmer Curriculum & Instruction Transition Teaching Scholar-A&M Res               20,000.20 TAMU Research Foundation 45920701002 10/03-9/05
Ron Jones TIAER Preparation of Reagents-TCEQ Bosque               19,275.66 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality 582-5-55889 9/04-8/07
Ron Jones TIAER OYC-DO_WORK ORDER #17-TCEQ                 8,335.04 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality 582-0-0013-17 9/04-8/05
Pam Littleton Math Geometry Teacher Quality Grants               19,594.45 THECB 277 8/04-12/05
Ron Jones TIAER Little Wichita River Basin-TSSWCB                 1,409.10 Tx State Soil & Water Conserv. 94012 8/04-8/07
 Jill Burk College of Education Math Achieve Project - A&M System               25,493.24 TAMUS University System 400400-002 7/04-4/07
Ron Jones TIAER Trinity River Bacteria TMDL-TECEQ #18             138,271.72 Tx. Comm. Environ. Quality 582-0-80113-18 10/04-8/05
Ron Jones TIAER New Technologies-TAES-Lab Analysis                 8,695.49 Tx Ag Experiment Station PO-P560144 10/04-8/05
David Weindorf Ag Phosphorus Soil and Runoff-TAES               20,598.44 Tx Ag Experiment Station 570240 8/04-8/07
Barry Lambert Ag Dairy Runoff in Bosque/Leon Watershed               25,286.35 Tx Ag Extension Service IA 570241 9/04-9/07
Don Cawthon Ag North Texas Ecotype Project-Fish/Wildlife               51,245.93 National Fish & Wildlife Foundation #2005-0055-000 2/05-1/06
Ron Jones TIAER LCRA/SAWS-TSU San Marcos                 1,364.41 Southwest Texas State University 2/05-2/06
Dwayne Snider Accademic Affairs West Central Two Step-Perkins Grant               61,362.92 THECB 51207 9/04-8/06
Pam Littleton Math Middle School Teacher Quality               20,367.50 THECB 1037 5/05-9/06
Pam Littleton Math Teaching Math TEKS Tech-Rider 45             406,389.55 Texas Education Agency 110002 6/05-8/06
Jill Burk College of Education PEIC's Salaries for Rider 45 & 67                 9,033.28 TAMUS Office of Budgets & Acctg. 400371-02 9/05-4/06
Ron Jones TIAER Upper Oyster Creek DO-WKQ-TCEQ               66,037.75 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality 582-6-70859-01 9/05-8/06
Ron Jones TIAER UOC DO & B TMDL-WO2-TCEQ               14,358.61 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality 582-6-70859-02 9/05-8/06
Ron Jones TIAER TCEQ WORK ORDER #3             172,707.33 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality 582-6-70859-03 9/05-8/06
Ron Jones TIAER TCEQ WORK ORDER #4               51,989.19 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality 582-6-70859-04 9/05-8/06
Ron Jones TIAER Trinity River Bacteria TMDL-WO5-TCE               71,485.78 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality 582-6-70859-05 9/05-8/06
Jill Burk College of Education HS Math Improvement Project-TAMUCC               81,930.03 TAMU Corpus Christi 05-0311 8/05-6/07
Don Henneke Animal Science Application of the Indicator Amino               15,148.00 Texas Coop Extension 9/05-6/07
Ron Jones TIAER Compost Project               78,195.10 Tx State Soil & Water Conserv. 5/13/2006 10/05-9/07
Ron Jones TIAER South Central Tx TMDL-TCEQ WO #6               10,000.00 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality 12/05-8/06
Jill Burk College of Education High School Rider 45 Math Achievement                 8,821.14 Texas A&M University System 400280-002 9/05-5/06
Jill Burk College of Education Wireless Generation & TMDS-Rider 45               17,870.46 Texas A&M University System 400400-202 9/05-4/07
Jill Burk College of Education Special Education YR 5-TAMU Texarkana               22,864.80 TAMU Texarkana 421001-02 11/05-9/06
Jill Burk College of Education Math Acheivement Rider 45               13,405.25 Texas A&M University System 8/05-6/07
Ron Jones TIAER Center for Research Water Resources-UT               30,995.38
Ron Jones TIAER North Bosque River Activities               75,559.88 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality 2/06-8/08
Ron Jones TIAER TCEQ-EMRS                 4,626.95 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality
Ron Jones TIAER TSSWCB-TMDL:NBR               49,750.00 Tx State Soil and Water Conservation 1/17/2006
Ron Jones TIAER South Central Texas TMDL               96,849.98 Tx Comm. Environ. Quality
Ron Jones TIAER NCASI-APEX-Forested Lands               10,000.00 NCASI
Ron Jones TIAER Texas State San Marcos Review Panel                 2,000.00 Southwest Texas State University 61283 2/06-12/06
Ron Jones TIAER Analyses of Water Samples-TAES                 4,694.51 Tx Ag Experiment Station P660336 3/06-2/07
Ron Jones TIAER TAES Bosque Restoration               24,000.00 Tx Cooperative Extension 570304
Kyle McGregor Animal Science Contract SCOG-16 UT Tyler                 5,200.19 University of Texas at Tyler SC06-16 3/06-7/06
Danny Dudley Ag Management Marketing 4843 internship                 2,816.00 Tx Dept. of Agriculture 5/06-7/06
Ron Jones TIAER NCASI-APEX-Forested Lands               10,000.00 NCASI
Thad Anglin Student Development Alcohol Education               11,813.00 TABC 6/06-5/07
Ron Jones TIAER State Appropriations          1,396,360.00
Total State Funding     4,022,682.56
Principal Investigator Department Title  Amount  Grantor Award Terms
Jennifer Green Upward Bound Upward Bound 2004-2005               26,221.62 U.S. Department of Education 9/04-8/05
Jennifer Green Upward Bound Upward Bound 2005-2006             397,563.11 U.S. Department of Education 9/05-8/06
Betty Murray Financial Aid Workstudy             153,305.99 U.S. Department of Education P033A004131 7/00-6/01
Ashley Lovell Agribusiness Endangered Species               58,997.58 Directorate of Pub. Works Ft Hood 4/00-8/05
Ron Jones TIAER Environmental Protection Agency             206,567.96 Environmental Protection Agency 9/03-8/08
Ashley Lovell Agribusiness Equipment Operator-Natural Resources               50,365.06 Directorate of Pub. Works Ft Hood 10/00-8/05
Ron Jones TIAER TSSCWB-Bosque/Leon River Watershed             146,473.77 Tx State Soil and Water Conservation EPA #C9-996236-08 12/01-3/06
Ron Jones TIAER USDA-Initiative Phase II               88,433.63 USDA-Natural Resources Conservation 68-7442-2-407 4/02-1/06
Bert Little Academic Affairs Center for Agribusiness FY 03          3,612,693.63 USDA Farm Service Agency 53-3151-2-00017 7/02-2/07
Daniel Marble Physics National Science Foundation RUI 02                 5,297.77 National Science Foundation DMR-0210162 7/02-6/06
Ron Jones TIAER Demonstrating APCO               89,287.35 USDA - Natural Resources Conservation  68-7442-2-434 9/02-9/05
Richard Kiesling Chemistry Reservoir Trophic Status-EPA               34,341.45 Environmental Protection Agency CP-97624101-0 5/03-3/06
Carol Thompson Chemistry ICP-AES National Science Foundation                   908.52 National Science Foundation CHE-0320965 8/03-7/06
David Weindorf Agribusiness NCRS Soils Studies               44,441.55 USDA - Natural Resources Conservation  68-7442-3-441 9/03-9/07
Bert Little Academic Affairs Common Information Management System          1,345,786.72 USDA Challenge Grant 0404CT32805 1/04-7/05
Ron Jones TIAER Nutrient Criteria - EPA               18,224.81 Environmental Protection Agency X7-97652601-0 9/03-12/05
Ron Jones TIAER Walnut Creek (2)               11,723.59 USDA - Agricultural Research Service 58-3625-4-141 6/04-12/05
 Roger Witte Agribusiness Entomologist-IMP Specialist-USDA Ft Hood               62,177.65 Directorate of Pub. Works Ft Hood 10/04-8/05
Darian Dulin Athletics NYSP General 2005                 9,623.16 National Youth Sports Program 6/05-5/06
Elaine Evans Nursing Advancement of Rural Nursing Education             177,971.86 U.S. Department of Education P116Z050082 6/05-12/06
Teresa Davidian Fine Arts Challenge America Grant-National               10,000.00 National Endowment for the Arts 05-7800-7012 12/05-7/06
Falih Ahmad Math US Army - Investigation and Analysis               75,512.88 U.S. Army W9128Z-06-P-0007 10/05-9/07
Ron Jones TIAER Tipton Creek Watershed - National Pork               48,440.88 National Pork Producers Council 68-6114-4-229 11/05-10/06
Bert Little Academic Affairs Rural Law Enforcement IT Project               67,798.85 Department of Justice 2005-DD-BX-1090 6/05-12/06
Janis Petronis Business & International Ed                 2,278.58 U.S. Department of Education P153A060081 7/06-6/07
Total Federal Funding     6,744,437.97
Grand Total FY 2006   11,110,173.11