Principal Investigator Department Title   Amount  Grantor Award No. Terms
Randy Harp Ag Houston Livestock         50,400.00 Houston Livestock
Linda Schultz Chemistry Chemistry Department Research         35,000.00 Welch Foundation AS-0012
Weldon Newton Ag Brown Foundation          1,398.72 Brown Foundation
David Snyder Ag Dairy Nutrition Research          7,250.00 State Fair of Texas
Ron Jones TIAER Texas Intensive Forestry          3,692.63 Temple-Inland Forest 11/00-11/01
Ron Jones TIAER Silez River Basin             917.87 Earth Design Consultant 4/00-5/02
Ron Jones TIAER Tetra Tech Subcontract         30,279.46 Tetra Tech Inc. 68-C-99-253 4/00-9/01
Ron Jones TIAER Community-Based Watershed         72,960.76 Iowa State 75-6001870 9/00-9/01
Joe Gillespie Health & PE TMATE       100,000.00 Sid Richardson Foundation 00-22 4/01-8/02
Rosemary Cameron Education Admn. Community College         84,500.00 Houston Endowment 645110-002 8/01-8/02
Donna Savage Library Texas Council for Humanities         14,134.00 Texas Council for Humanities TCH#2002-2833   2/02-7/03
Tom Talley Hydrology & Engineering Microprocessor System         25,000.00 FMC 5/02-12/02
Total Private Funding       425,533.44
Principal Investigator Department Title   Amount  Grantor Award No. Terms
William Larmer Education Tarleton Model Acc       111,090.00 State of Texas
Steve Harris Education - Central Texas TMATE         11,000.00 State of Texas
Ron Jones TIAER Wetlands in Small Ag         32,848.17 Texas Ag Experiment TSSWCB 95-13 5/96-12/00
Joe Gillispie Health & PE Commissioner's Research Project          5,000.00 TAMUS 640040 5/00-4/01
Ron Jones TIAER Bosque River Watershed          6,429.00 TSWCB 98-9 9/99-9/01
Ron Jones TIAER Research Support       218,069.21 TNRC 582-0-80113 12/99-8/05
Elaine Evans Nursing Tobacco Curriculum for Nursing         24,958.74 THECB 9/00-8/01
Ron Jones TIAER Investigations of Phosphours Reduct       156,183.74 TSSWCB TMDL00-01 6/00-8/02
Richard Shigley Governor's Office Rural School Safety         34,921.60 Governor's Office ED-99-J20 6/00-/02
Joe Gillispie Health & PE Teacher Quality Enhancement         77,500.00 Texas A&M Research P336B990084 11/00-9/01
Ron Jones TIAER Texas Brush Control Program       112,627.00 Upper Colorado River Authority 9/01-8/03
Donna Savage Library TIF       174,605.00 Telecommunications Infrastructure QE-2001-LTA6S-5399 8/01-8/02
Joann Wheeler Center for Instructional Tech Technology Advancement       216,588.00 Telecommunications Infrastructure QE-2001-HTA2S-5496 8/01-12/02
Sandra Johnson Agriculture Texas Department of Ag          4,967.00 Texas Department of Agriculture 9/01-12/02
Ron Jones TIAER Colorado River Enviromental          3,000.00 Lower Colorado River Authority 10/01-2/02
Mary Cauble Education Admin. Student Success Leadership       366,795.00 Texas Education Agency 1/02-8/03
Reuben Walter Chemistry & Geosciences Joint Admission Medical         35,000.00 Joint Admission Medical Program 9/01-8/03
Joann Wheeler Center for Instructional Tech HE4 Telecom       177,898.00 TIF Board
Janet Whitley Education Research on Education          5,800.00 Texas Education Agency
Total State Funding    1,775,280.46
Principal Investigator Department Title   Amount  Grantor Award No. Terms
Ashley Lovell Agriculture Endangered Species Resource Mgmt         47,371.37 Directorate of Public Works Ft. Hood 9/01-7/02
Ashley Lovell Ag ITAM         82,913.28 Directorate of Public Works Ft. Hood 10/00-9/01
Ron Jones TIAER Lake Waco/Bosque River       445,852.71 USDA - Natural Resources 68-7442-6-258 9/01-3/02
Ashley Lovell Agriculture GIS Analysis ITAM         13,256.90 Directorate of Public Works Ft. Hood 10/00-9/01
Ron Jones TIAER Environmental Issues: The Next Generation       909,468.68 Enviromental Protection Agency R82680701-2 5/00-4/01
Walter Reuben Chemistry & Geosciences Center for Astronomy Education       867,203.72 U.S. Department of Energy P116Z000046 9/00-9/04
Ashley Lovell Agriculture Equipment Operation-Natural Resources         54,388.00 Directorate of Public Works Ft. Hood 10/00-10/01
Bert Little CAE Center for Agribusiness Excellence    2,467,869.18 USDA - Federal Crop Insurance Corp. 12/00-9/02
Ron Jones TIAER Composting Support Project       486,342.89 TSSWCB 00-8 1/01-12/03
Ron Jones TIAER NPS Conference TSSWCB         22,973.33 TSSWCB 97-2A 2/01-10/01
Ron Jones TIAER Walnut Creek Watershed         90,716.60 Agriculture Research Service 58-3625-1-147 2/01-11/02
Katherine Smith Curriculum & Instruction Problem Solving for 21st Century         37,476.00 U.S. Department of Education 5/01-9/02
Lonn Reismann Athletics NYSP-2001          2,274.48 National Youth Sports Program 6/01-5/02
Carol Thompson Chemistry & Geosciences Environmental Ed          4,960.00 Environmental Protection Agency NE-98679201-0 7/01-6/02
Phil Sudman Biological Sciences Automated DNA Analysis System         99,677.00 National Science Foundation DBI-0116347 9/01-8/04
Ron Jones TIAER Model Upper Maquoketa River         11,375.00 Environmental Protection Agency 1/022-8/02
Daniel Marble Physics Virtual Physics          7,000.00 National Science Foundation 9/01-8/04
Ron Jones TIAER TSSWCB-Bosque/Leon River       581,748.00 Environmental Protection Agency EPA#C999636-08 12/01-3/04
Bert Little CAE Center for Agribusiness Excellence    1,345,845.00 USDA-Federal Crop Insurance Corp. 01-IE-0821-020 3/02-8/02
Ron Jones TIAER USDA Initiative (Phase II)       550,000.00 USDA-Natural Resources Corp 4/02-3/03
Lonn Reismann Athletics NYSP Summer Food Program          8,000.00 Department of Health & Human Serv. 6/02-5/03
Lonn Reismann Athletics NYSP 2002         50,000.00 National Youth Sports Program NYPSE 02-262 6/02-5/03
Ashley Lovell Agriculture LRAM Coordinator         73,946.48 Directorate of Public Works Ft. Hood 10/00-9/01
David Keith Student Support Student Support          1,299.61 U.S. Department of Energy P042A970359-00 9/00-8/01
Total Federal Funding    8,261,958.23
Grand Total Funding FY 2002  10,462,772.13