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O. A. Grant Building

O.A. Grant Building Renovations

The O.A. Grant construction project was completed during summer 2014.

Constructed in 1973, plans called for the 40-year-old O.A. Grant Building to be rehabilitated to keep up-to-date with current educational needs and trends. The renovation and expansion modernized and expanded space, improved energy efficiency and created environments that are secure and will enhance learning for all students.

The project rehabilitated approximately 12,000 square feet of space and added two additional floors above the existing auditoriums, increasing the area by approximately 30,840 square feet.

The project addition provides new and modernized spaces, including: University Writing Center, learning and collaboration spaces, Department of Communication Studies suite, Texan TV News studio and media convergence center, public relations and event management space, video podcast rooms, student meeting spaces, and offices for the dean of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts. An outdoor plaza, complete with a tiered-seating amphitheater, is also included as part of the project to provide outdoor classroom space in the area of the existing grassy knoll.

Asbestos Removal Overview

This project has been completed.

The project encompassed the removal of asbestos-containing cementitious fire-proofing and ceiling tile from all three floors. Due to the deck height above the ceilings and the type of material, water is used in the removal. The work required the following decision points:

Tarleton State University began project activities on May 11th to remove asbestos containing fireproofing and ceiling tiles within the building. Once the asbestos removal was completed, new light fixtures, electrical wiring, and ceiling panels were installed throughout the building.

Additionally, Tarleton took this opportunity to improve the fire and life safety features of the building by installing a fire sprinkler system throughout the structure. The construction was completed approximately August 11, 2013.

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O.A. Grant

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