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Campus Renovations and Construction

Tarleton Renovations

Campus Project Summary

Here’s a brief rundown on what’s happening as of October 2016:

  • The architectural and engineering contract for renovations to Memorial Stadium has been awarded to Huckabee and Heery Sports. The Design Development drawings are nearly completed, and a review meeting has been scheduled for November 2016. The $24 million project will expand seating to 9,400 and convert the west-side stands for home seating. Anticipated completion for this project is July 2018. View more information about plans for the future stadium project.
  • Construction to convert the former Fire Station to the new home of the University Police Department is underway. Renovations will be carried out by Alpha Construction. The facility at the northwest corner of campus is expected to be completely renovated by February, with the move of the University Police Department and Parking Services Office slated to follow. Demolition is complete.  See more about the changes planned for these departments.
  • Phase 2 of the Pedestrian Mall project to beautify and improve the central campus area around Alumni Island on the Campus Green is nearly complete. Trees will round out the project and are expected to be planted in December, over winter break. Work on Doc Blanchard infrastructure is in progress. Installation of electrical duct bank and concrete for the project has been slowed by weather, but is moving forward. Work for Phase 3 is tentatively planned for Spring 2017. 
  • Construction on a major infrastructure improvement at the center of campus has begun. The project will expand pedestrian walkways along Lillian, Vanderbilt and other campus core streets. At the same time, utility improvements will be made to eliminate flooding issues and enhance lighting. Scheduled for completion in December 2017, the project will bring a new beauty and aesthetics to campus and make it much better for our students as they walk from place to place. View information about this project.
  • The Agricultural Machinery and Fabrication Center is substantially complete. Contractors are putting on the finishing touches, and Dr. Ford is beginning to move equipment over to the new labs.  The $3.8 million, 24,000 square foot facility at the university farm will house laboratories for metal fabrication, agricultural power applications and agricultural structures, as well as classrooms, a computer laboratory and office and meeting space. Learn about the progress of the Agricultural Machinery & Fabrication Center.
  • Renovations to the Intramural Field is substantially complete. Installation of synthetic turf on the lower recreation fields northwest of the Recreational Sports Center and sand volleyball courts at the intersection of Rome and Frey streets is complete. Irrigation and sod work will take place soon.  The $2 million project covers 140,000 square feet (3.2 acres). Find out more about the exciting changes coming to the intramural fields.
  • In a former parking area east of Memorial Stadium, two new residential living and learning centers are under construction – designated Traditions North and Traditions South. The two buildings will house more than 600 students, including the new Corps of Cadets and ROTC students. One also will have a new health and counseling center for students. The buildings are scheduled for completion during fall 2016. View time-lapse video of residence hall construction.
  • In the center of campus, off Lillian, the former Traditions residence hall has been remodeled and expanded as the new residential hall for the Honors College. The students were moved in in August. The majority of the construction has been complete, but there are still ongoing improvements being made.
  • The university has added over 150 parking spots with the addition of 3 new lots. 
    • Lot P39 on St. Felix and Tarleton St, a residential parking lot, has been expanded to accommodate an additional 24 spaces. 
    • On October 3, residential lot P44, added an additional 32 spaces. This lot is located on the corner of Cain and Jones. 
    • Additionally, Residential Lots P43 on Shirley and Lillian and P16 off of Lillian and North Tarleton have been reopened.   

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