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How to use Waitlisting in DuckTrax

If a class is full and can be waitlisted, and students meet the requirements to waitlist, they will be presented with the waitlist option.  Below is information on to search for available seats for waitlisted courses, helpful information regarding waitlisting, once your on the waitlist, and registering for a waitlisted course.

Class Search for Waitlisted Courses

Students may conduct a class search and determine how many seats are available for waitlisting on those courses that have the waitlist option available.

Conduct a class search without logging into myGateway:

  1. Go to the Tarleton home page at
  2. Click on Quick Links
  3. Select Class/Course Search
  4. Select term from the drop down menu, click Submit
  5. Select subject (required)
  6. Enter course number (optional)
    Waitlist class search
  7. Click "Class Search"
  8. Click on the hyperlink course information (title/CRN/subject/course number/section)
  9. The Registration Availability section will display seat and waitlist seat availability.
    Waitlist seat availability

Conduct class search from "add/drop" classes worksheet (logged into myGateway)

  1. Log into myGateway
  2. Navigate to the "Add/Drop" classes worksheet in DuckTrax.
  3. Click "Class Search"
  4. Select subject (required)
  5. Enter course number (optional)
  6. Click "Class Search"
  7. The sections found according to the criteria entered will be displayed.
  8. Waitlist seat availability will be displayed for those courses with the waitlist option available.
    Waitlist look up classes

How to Waitlist a Course

  1. Log onto myGateway
  2. Navigate to the "Add/Drop Classes" worksheet in DuckTrax.
  3. Enter the CRN on the "add classes worksheet" and submit changes.
  4. Select waitlist from the drop down menu (if available).
  5. Click "Submit Changes".Waitlist drop down menu
  6. The waitlisted course is now included on the student's "Current Schedule" with a "Waitlisted" status and date of when the course was waitlisted.  Note: waitlisted courses are not counted as registered courses and are not counted in the total credit hours until the student registers for the course. 
    Waitlist class schedule

 Helpful Information when Waitlisting for a Course

  • Waitlists are offered only when a course is full, , and when there are waitlist seats available.
  • Waitlisting does not override co-requisites, pre-requisites, links, time conflicts, and other restrictions such as major, department, level, and college.
  • Students must meet the qualifications required to enroll in the class.
  • Students will be able to waitlist for a course in which there may be a time conflict with another course they are registered for, but the time conflict will be enforced when registering for the course.
  • Students will have 48 hours to register for a waitlisted course once a seat becomes available.  They will be notified through their email account.
  • Students will be able to waitlist for multiple sections of the same course, but will not be able to register for the duplicate section of the same course they are already registered for.  They will receive a duplicate course error.
    • Students will need to drop the course they are already registered for in order to add a different section of the same course.
  • If students do not register within the 48 hour time frame, they will be automatically dropped from the waitlist.  They will have to re-waitlist if seats are available and will be placed at the end of the list.

Once Students are on the Waitlist

If a seat becomes available in the waitlisted course, the next student in line to register will receive an email at their email account.  Students will have 48 hours from the time the notification was sent to register for the course before they are automatically dropped from the waitlist, at which time the next student on the waitlist will be offered the open space.

Waitlist notification

Registering for the Waitlisted Course

  1. Once a student is notified when they can register for a waitlisted course, log into myGateway and navigate to the "Add/Drop" classes worksheet.
  2. Select "web registered" from the drop down menu for the waitlisted course.
    Waitlist webregister drop down menu
  3. Click "Submit Changes".  If no errors occur, DuckTrax will display the waitlisted course with a registered status.
    Waitlist registered

Congratulations, you have successfully registered for a waitlisted course.