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Club Sports

The Campus Recreation Club Sports Department supports and strengthens the mission of Tarleton State University as an active and Integral service of the University community. We strive to provide the safest, highest quality, most dependable and enjoyable programs. Benefits of participation include the application of leadership, decision making, problem solving, management, communication, and social skills. Each club is formed, developed, governed, and administered by the student membership of that particular club in collaboration with the Collegiate Club Sport staff.

What is a Club Sport?

Tarleton State University identifies a Collegiate Club Sport as a group of activity fee-paying TSU students, voluntarily organized for furthering their common  interests in a physical activity through participation and competition. The Campus Recreation Department administers the Club Sports Program at TSU on Stephenville campus.

Who can join?

Membership and tryouts are open to all currently enrolled, degree seeking fee-paying students of Tarleton State University.  Each Club Sport athlete must maintain a minimum 2.0 TSU AGPA. Potential members must read and sign a release indicating the individual understands the risks and responsibilities assumed in participation. 

What Sports are offered and who do I contact?

Women’s Lacrosse:

Kaitlyn Jackson-

Men’s Lacrosse:

Kyle Michelsen- 


Hunter Turner-

Women’s Volleyball:

Haley Dalrymple- 


Reilly Junge- 

Flag Football:

Colin Radford- 

Shotgun Sports:

Clark Toalson-

Bass Club:

Justin Seeton-


Peter Perkins-


Jesseca Martinez-


Jared Shields- 

Women’s Soccer:

Shelby Gray-

Men’s Soccer:

Kelly Maxwell-


Rodolfo Zuniga- 

If interested in starting a new Club Sport or for other information contact Amanda Kleifgen, Club Sports Graduate Assistant, Tarleton Recreational Sports., 254-968-0763