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Process Improvement

What is Process Improvement?

Process Improvement at Tarleton State University is the ongoing effort to improve processes and services in order to meet new goals and objectives.

Opportunities for improvement exist in both academic and administrative processes.  Examples of academic processes include advising, course development and curriculum revision. Administrative processes include everything from budgeting and purchasing to hiring new employees.  Process Improvement will help us meet the challenges we face such as rising costs, less resources and higher service expectations.  Improving processes contributes to the University’s Strategic Plan goal of Exemplary Service.

The Process Improvement Staff provides University Departments, Committees, Organizations and Teams the Following Services:

  • Provides leadership for Process Improvement Projects to achieve desired improvements in process effectiveness and efficiency.  Assist with follow through to sustain improvements.
  • Assist Executive Leaders and Project Managers with the selection of process improvement projects and writing the project charter to clearly define scope with expected results.
  • Determines process improvement methodology such as lean, six sigma, or other total quality management practice; then provides leadership to accomplish project charter. 
  • Provides just-in-time training and coaching on selecting and using process improvement, quality, creativity, and management tools.
  • Provide Committees and Teams with effective meeting tools and training to improve meeting effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Assist in developing process performance metrics based on critical to customer attributes.  Provides methodology to document savings and improvements.
  • Develops custom workshops to achieve targeted deliverables.

ASQ Proud Member

Tarleton State University is a proud member of ASQ (American Society for Quality). ASQ is the world’s leading, global, professional association dedicated to quality and continuous improvement. With this professional association, Tarleton and ASQ have the reputation and reach to bring together the diverse quality champions who are transforming the world’s corporations, organizations and communities to meet tomorrow’s critical challenges.  We are a part of the global community of individuals and companies in all fields and industries, who strive for continual improvement.

As an employee of Tarleton State University, you may sign up to become an ASQ Member at no cost to you or your department.

Please click ASQ to see what this Quality Community has to offer.  Benefits include access to the member-only area of the ASQ website, member discounts and online purchasing and registration for courses, conferences and certification exams.