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Graduate Specialization

Graduation Requirements

Prospective public history students should first apply through the College of Graduate Studies.

Once admitted, students use the general academic requirements for the Master's of Arts in History as a foundation for their specialization.  These include History 598 (Historiography and Historical Method) in addition to one of the following research courses:

  • History 520-State and Local History
  • History 532-Selected Topics in American History
  • History 542-Selected Topics in European History

The M.A. in history requires 36 semester hours of approved course work. Students in public history take 18 hours of traditional history classes and 18 hours of public history classes.

Each student in history must demonstrate proficiency in at least one foreign language. Proficiency is measured either by the successful completion (with a C or better) of 14 hours in a single foreign language (either on the undergraduate or graduate level) or by obtaining a passing score on a standardized foreign language exam.

Students in the public history specialization may choose either thesis or non-thesis options.